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& putting the rug in the right place

Determining the rug size

Choosing the right rug is often not that easy, because depending on the colour, pattern and structure, rugs influence the atmosphere of a room very individually. Since the rug size, rug shape and rug positioning are also crucial for a stylish ambience, we have comprehensively examined this topic.

Choosing the correct rug size

The question of the correct rug size, however, cannot be answered in general terms, because the following aspects have to be considered before buying a rug:

  • Which function does the room fulfil?
  • How big is the room?
  • Where and how is the furniture placed?

When choosing the size of the rug, many rely on their visual judgement. Often, however, rugs are bought which are too small, are lost in the room and appear anything but harmonious. But even a large rug is not ideal for every room, as the room can quickly become overloaded and disproportionate. In case of doubt, you are best advised to choose a slightly larger rug.

We will give you tips on how to find the optimal rug size.

In order to determine the correct rug size, it is advisable to measure the area that the rug should cover beforehand. For this, the furniture should be arranged as it will be placed on the rug later. Now, the width and length of the new rug can be easily measured. The edge of the rug can be marked on the floor with painter's crepe or newspaper, so you get a good overview of the area the new rug would cover in that position.

Important: Test the painter's crepe in an inconspicuous location beforehand to make sure that no residues are left behind!

Rug sizes for the living room

A living room rug can be used to define living areas and to combine seating furniture into one unit. Various types of rugs are available: round rugs, square or rectangular ones. The width of the rug should be at least equal to the width of the sofa, but ideally be 15 - 25 inches wider than it on both sides.

  1. A spacious sofa corner can be accentuated by a large, cuddly rug - a shaggy rug provides a very soft surface and creates a perfect feel-good zone. It makes sense to place all seating furniture fully on the rug.
  2. If the living room is a little smaller, the rug should be proportionally smaller and only the front legs of the seating furniture should be placed on the rug.
  3. For small rooms, it is also advisable to put the rug directly in front of the sofa. Only a few pieces of furniture, such as a coffee table, should be positioned directly on the rug.

How to place a rug in your bedroom

Bedroom rugs create cosy accents and help keep your feet warm when you get up. The rug size depends mainly on the bedroom size, but the width of the bed is also crucial when choosing a rug.

  1. Do you have a large bedroom and want to feel completely comfortable? Place the bed and bedside tables fully onto the bedroom rug. A uniformly wide edge on all sides of the bed has a particularly harmonious effect - the width of the bedside tables, for example, can serve as a guide.
  2. For a small bedroom, you should opt for a smaller rug. While the bedside tables should be placed on the floor, the front legs of the bed can be placed on the rug so that the bed is surrounded at its edge.
  3. Runners and bed borders placed just in front of the bed provide a nice alternative. These are available in various sizes and can be placed on all sides of the bed or only one. The size of the rug also depends on the size of the bed.

Rug sizes for the dining room

A dining room rug should be chosen in accordance with the size of the dining table so that the dining area is framed. Flat-woven rugs, such as a sisal rug, suit this purpose best - they allow the chairs to slide and allow easy access to the dining table.

  1. For maximum comfort, all chairs in the dining group should fit on the rug. Dining tables seating up to eight people should therefore be placed on rugs measuring at least 240x340 cm.
  2. If the dining group consists of approximately 6 dining chairs, a rug measuring 160x230 cm or 200x290 cm is sufficient. Again, it should be noted that the chair legs should not sit directly on the edge of the rug.
  3. If the shape of the table is reflected in the shape of the dining room rug, a particularly harmonious, self-contained overall image of the dining room is conveyed. This is where a round dining table on a round rug really comes into its own.

Runner size

The size and shape of a hallway rug should be based on the respective dimensions of the room. However, the be-all and end-all is that the front door can be opened without any problems. You can calculate the optimal size for your hallway rug with a simple rule of thumb before you buy: Subtract about 1.20 metres from the length of the hallway. There should also be about 15-20 cm of space to the sides so that the rug does not "rub against" something. Avoid placing furniture on the hallway rug to create a harmonious, inviting entrance area. Sisal and jute rugs as well as synthetic fibre rugs are ideal for a busy hallway.


  1. Since most corridors are narrow and elongated, the runner is the number one for your entrance area. Typical sizes are 70x250 cm or 80x300cm. They are usually also suitable for narrow kitchens.
  2. You can also string several runners in a row if you have a particularly long hallway so that the room does not look even longer. Pay attention here and choose uniform models.
  3. If your apartment has a particularly spacious entrance area, you can also choose other rug shapes. Round or square rugs, for instance, are popular for a larger hallway. However, the same applies here: Do not place any furniture on the rug and always keep the distance to the front door and the sides.

Living concept

If you place rugs correctly, you will be able to convey a well thought-out living concept and be able to distinguish different areas of use from each other - thus ensuring warm cosiness in every room - whether you are designing the terrace or furnishing the living room. Beautiful rug designs, such as a shaggy rug, also add something special and create a homely atmosphere.


To make sure that the rugs, which are now properly placed, retain their charm and shine, you should know how to properly care for and clean your rugs. You should take a look at our blog article on rug cleaning.

Your benuta Style Team