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High-quality rugs in exclusive designs

benuta Finest stands for rugs of the highest quality that you can see and feel. Discover our limited design creations - for an unique living experience that suits you.


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Exclusive Designer Rugs at benuta Finest

Looking for a rug that underlines your individual interior style? At benuta Finest you will find unique creations by our designers - from minimalist chic to extravagant styles.

Artistic Styles for Connaisseurs

Your home bears its own personal signature and is made up of many jewels chosen by you. A high-quality rug is an essential key piece in this overall work of art and completes your individual style.

Whether you are inspired by a particular style or find yourself in an eclectic interior, our versatile Finest collections offer unique designs to suit your taste. Inspired by the important art styles of our time, our designers have created their own modern creations including:

  • Noble rugs in Art Deco style

  • Graphic constructions and geometric shapes in Bauhaus symmetry

  • Lively pop art designs and comic influences

  • Relief rugs inspired by topographical and organic structures

  • Op-Art designs that play with perspective and visual perception

  • Statement rugs in the New Retro Look

Premium Quality Materials

Each of our materials is carefully selected for you and promises premium quality. Tencel and viscose impress with their exciting shimmering sheen. The finest wool, including the particularly light and soft New Zealand wool, brings warmth and cosiness to every room. Hand-tufted, hand-woven, hand-knotted - all of our products are created with elaborate craftsmanship. This makes every benuta Finest rug unique and ensures its unmistakable look. We give some rugs a special finish for that certain something, for example with the carving of the pile, which creates exciting contrasts of short and high pile. The interplay of exclusive designs, selected materials and high-quality workmanship makes our Finest rugs valuable interior pieces that will accompany you for a long time and deserve a double take.

A Fine Rug for More Luxury in Your Home

benuta Finest rugs love attention. Give them room to shine and they will enhance any room with their glamorous elegance alone. If you want your new luxury rug to be an eye-catcher in your living room, our maximalist designs are the perfect solution. Colourful accessories complete the exciting look. Create an elegant lightness and a relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom with discreet rugs in calm cream tones. Cushions, blankets and poufs add cosy accents.

Whichever style you choose - with our exclusive benuta Finest collections, you can bring a unique designer rug into your home that meets your high demands and keeps its promises.