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bedroom rugs


With these bedside carpets and bedroom rugs
you won’t get out of the wrong side of the bed anymore.

Bedroom Rugs

  1. BeigeBlackBlack/WhiteBlueBrownGreenGreyMulticoloredOrangePinkPurpleRedTaupeTurquoiseWhiteYellow
  1. Modern
  2. Traditional
  3. Kids
  4. Bath
  1. Morris & Co
  2. Nattiot
  3. Theko
  4. Sanderson
  5. Scion
  6. Papilio
  7. Smart Kids
  8. Wecon Home
  9. Wedgwood
  10. Ted Baker
  11. Möve
  12. benuta NATURALS
  13. benuta TRENDS
  14. benuta PLUS
  15. benuta KIDS
  16. benuta PREMIUM
  17. benuta
  18. benuta CLASSIC
  19. benuta ESSENTIALS
  20. Angelo
  21. Aquanova
  22. Art for Kids
  23. Brink & Campman
  24. Brink&Campman
  25. Brita Sweden
  26. Colani
  27. Dekowe
  28. Designers Guild
  29. Disney
  30. Esprit
  31. Grund
  32. Haba
  33. Harlequin
  34. Linie Design
  35. Lorena Canals
  36. Luxor Living
  37. Lytte
  1. Synthetic fibres
  2. Sisal / Jute
  3. Wool
  4. Rayon
  5. Acrylic
  6. Cotton
  7. Others
  8. Hemp
  9. Silk
  10. Bamboo
  1. Bedside carpetBedside carpet
  2. RectangularRectangular
  3. RoundRound
  4. RunnerRunner
  5. Small carpetSmall carpet
  6. SquareSquare
  1. Abstract
  2. Animal Design
  3. Berber
  4. Border
  5. Cartoon characters
  6. Check
  7. Chevron
  8. Floral
  9. Gabbeh
  10. Geometric
  11. Hide
  12. Ikat
  13. Kilim
  14. Letters / Numbers
  15. Nepal
  16. Ornamental
  17. Plain
  18. Relief Pattern
  19. Stars
  20. Stripes
  21. Vintage / Patchwork
  22. Waves
  23. Ziegler
  1. Asiatic Harmony
  2. Boho Chic
  3. Classic Elegance
  4. Country & Coastal Style
  5. Ethno Style
  6. Kids
  7. Modern Glamour
  8. Modern Pop Art
  9. Natural Living
  10. Orient Style
  11. Retro Style
  12. Scandinavian
  13. Shabby Chic
  14. Vintage & Patchwork Style
Living Space(open)
  1. Bathroom
  2. Bedroom
  3. Children's room
  4. Dining room
  5. Hall / Entrance
  6. Kitchen
  7. Living room
  8. Outdoor / Terrace
  1. Flatweave
  2. Hand Tufted
  3. Hand knotted
  4. Hand sewn
  5. Handwoven
  6. Machine Tufted
  7. Machine woven
  8. machine
Available Sizes(open)
  1. XS up to 70x140 cm
  2. S up to 90x160 cm
  3. M up to 120x200 cm
  4. L up to 170x240 cm
  5. XL up to 200x300 cm
  6. XXL up to 300x400 cm
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Bedroom rugs and bedside carpets

For many people, the bedroom is a place of relaxation and recreation - reason enough to make yourself comfortable. Once the right bed is selected and placed in the room, the bedroom can be transformed into an oasis of wellbeing with a flick of the wrist and the help of beautiful textile accessories. Cosy bedroom rugs and soft bedside carpets are indispensable for that matter. Usually, they are placed right in front of the bed and create a comfortable atmosphere in every bedroom.

Cosy bedside carpets

Traditionally, bedside carpets are positioned on both bedsides, as well as at the foot end of a bed. No matter whether comfortable wool rugs or models made from soft synthetic fibres are chosen, bedside rugs beautifully complete the interior, keep your feet warm in a gentle manner and thus let every dream come true. Shaggy rugs also adapt well to the concept of cosy bedrooms as their long shaggy pile is comfortably soft and offers a pleasant tread when getting out of bed. Depending on one's personal taste and individual use, a single bedroom rug also wonderfully accentuates the interior of a bedroom and proves that the possibilities of decorating a bedroom comfortably are endless. In the form of kids rugs, bedside carpets even offer a nice playing surface and kindly warm the little ones at bedtime. When it comes to colours, blue rugs or brown rugs look well in the bedroom. Blue radiates calm and has a relaxing effect, while brown spreads warmth.

Rugs for bedrooms

The practical thing about bedroom rugs: individual designs, shapes and sizes add a personal touch to the bedroom while emphasizing all types of interior design. Vintage rugs and boho rugs are particularly eye-catching and create a delicate, individual look thanks to their faded colouring and bright designs. The bed, the most important element of a bedroom, can be beautifully highlighted with rug runners or other types of bedroom rugs. If harmonious, soft lines better suit the interior or if only little space is available for decorating, small round rugs are the perfect choice for your bedside carpet. But no matter what shape bedroom rugs take, they always create a comfortable place which you can come back to every night to rest, relax and recharge your batteries for the next day.