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    Which Rug fits your Dining Room?

    Warm feet at family brunch or a cosy atmosphere at a festive dinner - a rug in the dining room provides comfort and a homely ambience. But how do you find the perfect dining room rug? Our 5 tips show you how:

    1) Find the Right Pile Height

    Short pile rugs or flat-weave rugs are suitable for the dining room. With these designs, the chairs at the table can be moved easily when you stand up or sit down. With high pile rugs, on the other hand, there is a risk of chair legs getting tangled in the long pile. In addition, flat weaved and short pile rugs have the advantage that crumbs can easily be removed by the vacuum cleaner and dust is less attracted - perfect for the dining room! Tip: A rug pad prevents your rug from sliding back and forth.

    2) Choose the Right Material

    Choose a rug for the dining room that is easy to clean, durable and able to withstand crumbs and dirt. We recommend designs made of synthetic fibres or washable rugs. Sisal and jute rugs are also the perfect floor accessories for the dining room thanks to their hard-wearing structure. Tip: Our indoor & outdoor rug NANDI combines the timeless look of jute with the easy-care properties of synthetic fibre rugs.

    3) Strike the Right Note

    Choose your dining room rug to match the rest of your interior to create a harmonious look. If your interior style is modern and minimalist, we recommend a simple rug in grey, black or cream. Or take a look at our wide selection of rugs in Scandinavian style. If you like colour, a patterned design or a colourful rug will do the trick.

    4) Find Your Shape

    A round rug, a square model or a classic rectangular piece? The styling in the dining room looks particularly harmonious if your rug picks up the shape of your dining table. In addition to rectangular designs, round, square or oval forms are popular rug shapes in the dining room. Nevertheless, there are no limits to the shape of your rug. How about an oval rug to go with the rectangular dining table, for example?

    How to Find the Right Rug Size

    The right rug size in the dining room depends on the size of your dining table. Choose a rug that is large enough to fit all your chairs comfortably. To find the right size, there is a very simple trick: move all the chairs away from the table and leave them in that position. Now measure the area from the table to the chairs. For more tips on how to find the right carpet size, check out our rug size guide.

    These carpet sizes fit these dining tables:

    • Dining group with about eight seats: A large dining room rug in 200 x 300 cm or in the size 240 x 340 cm fits here. A larger dining room rug in 250 × 350 cm also emphasises your spacious dining area.

    • Dining group with about six seats: Rugs measuring 160 x 230 cm or 200 x 290 cm are suitable here.

    Cleaning & Care Tips

    Clean and maintain your dining room rug regularly to keep its shine for a long time - it's easy with these 3 tips:

    • Vacuum your rug once a week to remove crumbs. Regular beating will also keep your dining room rug clean.

    • Air out your dining room for 15 minutes a day to remove odours from your rug. If you have a small rug, you can also hang it out in the garden or on the balcony once a week for it to get some fresh air.

    • Did something go wrong while you were feasting? Use a rug cleaner to remove stains quickly, effectively and gently.

    • Give your rug a deep clean every three to five years. We recommend that you have your rug cleaned by a professional.

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