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The winter: cold, dark and just uncomfortable. The perfect time to really get comfy inside and snuggle up under a plump warm blanket. This is where the Danish lifestyle concept of Hygge comes in handy.

With Hygge, you combine a harmonious life, full of rest and relaxation. It's all about you. It’s about feeling good, enjoying life and being happy. But time with your family and with loved ones should also be appreciated and enjoyed to the fullest. If you make yourself comfortable at home, with treats and thick wool socks , then nothing stands in the way of Hygge.

hygge relaxation

The recipe for a Hygge life

Avoid stress

First things first: Do everything without stress and hecticness. We will give you tips on living Hygge, but the necessary serenity will make things very tranquil on its own. Because that's what Hygge is all about. Attention to detail appreciating the little things and everyday life, enjoyment, cosiness, and above all, company with the important people in your life.

Spending time with loved ones

Hygge means having fun with friends and family and spending time together. Sit down on the sofa with your loved one, wrap yourself in cosy blankets and enjoy the familiar atmosphere. Of course, you can also experience Hygge alone. Snuggled in front of the fireplace with a good book, a piece of cake and a cup of tea - life can be so beautiful.


Counting calories? Avoiding carbohydrates in the evening? If you want to achieve Hygge, then you shouldn't worry about counting calories. Try new recipes and enjoy freshly cooked food. Just switch off and do not worry. It's all about enjoyment and happiness - and chocolate, biscuits and cakes are all on the menu.

You already know the basics of Hygge. Do everything in peace and quiet, enjoy life, your daily routine and beautiful moments. Now it is time to make your home beautiful and full of Hygge. Because Hygge is all about lovable details.

Bringing Hygge into your home - Collection Ava


White walls provide light and create a light atmosphere. Perfect for Hygge. If white is too boring and sterile for you, you can also use soft pastel shades. It is particularly harmonious when you create colourful accents. Blue, red and yellow are particularly suitable here.

Candles, cushions & blankets

Candles, cushions and blankets are crucial and an absolute must-have for Hygge. Candles and cuddly textiles create a cosy atmosphere and invite you to relax. And that's exactly what Hygge is all about: Just feeling good! Cuddle up in a warm blanket, light some candles and enjoy the cosy ambience.

living Hygge with candles, cushions, blankets


Walls in white or in light tones in combination with a light wooden floor create a calming mood and help create the feeling of Hygge. Even if you have another type of floor, you can still make it work with Hygge. Place wooden furniture on it. It does not matter if the furniture is made of oak, birch or pine.

Use bright materials and the Scandinavian style of living, which stands out with its clear lines and simple design. This style of furnishing creates a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere in which one feels secure. The Scandinavian style of living particularly comes into its own in combination with antique pieces of jewellery. This will give your living area individuality and character.

Hygge colours

Fireplace / wood stove

Fireplaces not only create warmth and warm your feet, they also create a special atmosphere. You feel comfortable, secure and can simply enjoy beautiful moments. A fireplace or wood stove is an absolute highlight and contributes to the well-being of Hygge. Put on some thick socks, grab some biscuits and lie down in front of the fireplace. You will see how quickly you can relax.

live Hygge with a chimney fire place


You can create a real feeling of Hygge if you decorate your floor with different furs and rugs. How about, for example, a high-quality wool rug, which impresses all and sundry with its naturalness? Or a fluffy shaggy rug that beckons you to snuggle up in it? Make your own choice according to your taste and your wishes, because with Hygge there is only one rule of thumb: You should feel good.

hygge rugs in harmonious colours

So nothing is stopping you! Cuddle up on your sofa, have a cup of tea and treat yourself to a piece of cake or a chocolate bar. Turn on the heating or turn on the fireplace - and enjoy the Hygge feeling.

decorate hygge all year round

Hygge is not just confined the cold winter months - you can still enjoy the Hygge feeling in spring and summer. Blankets, pillows and slippers are not needed in the warm season, but the main thing is to do something good for yourself and enjoy life to the fullest.

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