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Feng shui means “wind and water” and is a Chinese concept of harmony. Because our environment affects our mood and well-being, the furnishing trend feng shui is just the thing for our living spaces: This design method supports and encourages harmonious well-being.

Do you want to design your interior according to the principles of feng shui and create a cosy ambience with the help of interior design tips? Then you should first take a look at the bagua. The feng shui bagua helps with the division of rooms. Rooms should be set up so that they have a positive effect on our well-being.

The bagua includes several zones: Careers, helpful friends, children, partnership/relationships, fame, wealth, family and knowledge. The use of certain colours and the correct placement of furniture can specifically strengthen different areas.

Feng shui tips for interior layouts (Grafik)

However, setting up your home according to feng shui does not mean you have to rule out other decorating styles. Whether you're looking for a modern style, a country-house look or classic-style furnishings, feng shui works great in combination with a variety of living styles. You can choose whether you want to set up your whole apartment according to feng shui or just different living areas.

Furnishing your bedroom according to feng shui

Feng shui is especially important in the bedroom. The bedroom is our oasis of peace and our retreat, where we relax and recharge our batteries. If you want to set up your bedroom according feng shui, you should choose subtle and harmonious colours. Brown, beige and green tones are particularly good, according to feng shui.

Another important point is the bed. It is not enough to just put the bed against a wall. Because we travel to bed in the land of dreams and sleep for a long time, safety is paramount. Therefore, you should place your bed so that the headboard is against the wall and that doors and windows are in view. In feng shui, it is important that the bed is not between the door and the window and that it is not placed between two opposite windows. In addition, there should be no water or heating pipes in the wall where your bed is, as they can affect your sleep. The foot of the bed should not point to the door, as the energy flows (chi) are weakened.

Feng shui bedroom (Foto)

The correct arrangement not only gives you a sense of security, it also provides a calming and pleasant mood. When you set up your bedroom in accordance with feng shui, you should only use a few decorative items. Feng shui is all about tidiness, so you should use closed furniture. Also, do not hang heavy shelves or huge pictures over your bed. These can affect the safe atmosphere. You should also refrain from using mirrors in your sleeping area, as according to feng shui, they cause anxiety. Instead, hang up pretty pictures of you and your loved ones. How about, for example, a picture of yourself and your sweetheart? Pictures of beautiful moments with loved ones not only provide a romantic atmosphere, but also strengthen well-being - and incidentally, your relationship.

For peace of mind, do not place a TV or other electrical appliances in your bedroom, and metal furniture is also to be avoided. Wooden furniture is ideal for a harmonious atmosphere.

Furnishing your living room according to feng shui

Let's start with the colour scheme. If you want to furnish your living room in accordance with feng shui, pastels, creams and whites are perfect. Stylish accents can then be set in the colours orange, red and yellow. However, you should keep the main thing you want to do in your living room in mind. Is it a room where you can talk and eat comfortably, or is it more of a place to relax? If your living room is also the dining room, red and orange tones are particularly suitable.

As with the bedroom, you should definitely put the sofa and the living room wall against the wall so that your eyes fall into the room. With the wall behind you, you'll quickly find that you feel more at home and secure. If there is no way for you to put the sofa on the wall, you should place a piece of furniture or decorative items behind the sofa. This also gives you a safer feeling. A plant or a chest of drawers are suitable for this purpose. You can create even more harmony with a U-shaped sofa, because it allows you to sit in a semicircle with your loved ones. This ensures proximity and more well-being for you and your guests. Because, unlike a L-shaped sofa, this seating arrangement does not exclude anyone from the cosy circle. According to feng shui, it is important that the centre of the living room remains free. This way the chi can flow undisturbed, spread out and strengthen the inhabitants. To prevent the room from looking too empty, round rugs for the centre, which harmoniously integrate into the overall picture, are suitable. It is important that you use colours which are already present in the room. No matter what the furnishing style, rugs create a cosy atmosphere and enhance the entire living area. A rug does not just look great in the middle of the room, but also under a coffee table.

Unlike in the bedroom, you can hang mirrors in your living room. This makes the room look bigger.

Cabinets are particularly suitable for providing enough storage space. But as they bring the peace you have created in the living room out of balance with their corners and edges, you should place a plant in front of a corner of the cabinet to round it off optically. To make it easier for energy to flow through any room, remove blockages and keep doors open. Of course, this does not include the entrance and bathroom door. Also, in the entrance area, there should not be a mirror opposite the door. This reflects the chi.

Furnishing the work room according to feng shui

Do not underestimate the effect of feng shui in the work area. Most importantly, it's about creating a clear spatial separation between your workspace and your living area. A private study is ideal. Closing the door makes it easier to separate day-to-day work from private life.

The colour choice can affect your work and productivity both positively and negatively. The colour red represents fire and has a strong energetic effect. If you are prone to emotional outbursts or hyperactivity, be sure to avoid using red. Instead, opt for bright colours. Blue, the colour of the element water, represents the transmission of ideas and success. Flowing forms in your study support the effect of the water colour. Yellow is also recommended and has a close connection to the earth element. The patience and mental energy that comes with the colour yellow make it easier for you to work.

Pay attention to the air, light and temperature in your study. Regular ventilation provides fresh oxygen and dispels negative ideas. Likewise, it should not be too warm in the room you are working in, as heat is tiring. As for the light, daylight is preferable. If you do not have a large window or would like to work early in the morning, consider purchasing a daylight lamp.

The key to efficient feng shui in the study is tidiness. Opt for closed cupboards, drawer units and sideboards. Clear surfaces prevent restlessness. Also, cable clutter of your electrical appliances should be avoided. The central piece of your study should be the desk. Create a classification system and sort stationary into small containers. This means you can really switch off in the evening, clean up your desk after work and keep the centre free. And now your relaxing evening can begin!

By the way: Glass writing desks may look nice, but according to the Asian doctrine they represent a lack of stability. Your energy literally falls through the glass.

Just as in the living room and in the bedroom, you should position your furniture in the study in accordance with feng shui. When you sit at the desk, your gaze should be directed towards the door. Depending on whether you are right or left-handed, the window should be on the opposite side. This helps you avoid shadows. Sit with your back to a security wall. In order for the chi to flow undisturbed through the room, it must be kept free in the middle. Accordingly, disturbing electrical appliances should be placed at the edge of the room and if possible far away from the work surface used.

Does this sound too sterile to you? Do not worry, even a feng shui furnished study can be visually and energetically stimulated with carefully selected accessories and promote creativity. Fresh flowers and potted plants are not only beautiful to look at but also counteract pollutants and provide the necessary supply of oxygen. Stylish writing utensils provide a pleasant ambience and extra motivation. Care need only be taken with calendars and watches - these convey a feeling of pressure, which you should definitely avoid.

With feng shui, you can strengthen individual areas of life and thus promote your well-being. Create living areas in which you feel comfortable.

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