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Small space, big effect

Decorating the hallway or entrance area of an apartment is not the major priority for most people. Instead, they often place great importance on furnishing the living room or bedroom with pretty accessories. But the hallway in particular, mostly a relatively small room of the house, gives every home its individual charm.


A beautifully decorated hallway or a lovely hallway rug charms your guests straight away and warmly welcomes them to your home. Since there tends to be little room in entrance areas, furnishing and decorating this room requires real skill.

Hallways are often small and lack light because there is no window, for example. In addition, many hallways are relatively narrow, which further limits the creative design of this area. But if hallway rugs, such as scandinavian rugs, are skilfully laid and storage space is optimally used, this small room can really make a difference.

For example, the choice and placement of colours and light sources is pivotal to this process. Light tones, such as pastel colours or even white, are great for making tight spaces look bigger.


As is the case in other living areas, decorative elements in the hallway provide more than a warm welcome. Colour enthusiasts can provide a bit more of a wow factor with the help of colourful accessories. They not only create a cheerful atmosphere, but can also be replaced as you wish and provide a great deal of variety.

However, if you keep the doors and the walls in the same colour shade, the entrance area appears visually bigger. Therefore, in the case of very small hallways, it is advisable to paint the doors white too. Mirrors of any shape or size can enhance this effect and also mean that you can have a quick look to check your outfit before leaving the house. While good lighting also proves to be very useful – lighter rooms immediately have a more friendly and welcoming effect.


Basically, organisation and order are extremely important for entrance areas. In order to create a homely, organised atmosphere in a hallway, disruptive elements should be cleared away. Shoes that are hidden away in a pretty basket or in a shoe cupboard make the area seem more spacious, but are still close at hand.

The storage of jackets and coats in the hallway should also involve some kind of system. Whether the final choice is for an open wardrobe or a closed cupboard system ultimately depends on the size of the room and the individual use.

But it is not just jackets and shoes that have their fixed place in the hallway – keys and wallets/purses also tend to be left in this area of the house so that they do not get lost. Small decorative bowls or dishes therefore provide a particularly good home for these objects.


In order to round off the hallway decoration do not forget a cosy rug, because this ensures for a homely atmosphere that guarantees to wow your visitors. When choosing hallway rugs, you should consider the layout and size of the entrance area. Runners are particularly suitable for a long hallway. They emphasize the shape of the room and create a harmonious space. Do you have a small, square hallway? Round or square rugs make it possible to achieve optimum use of the space, give it additional depth and make it appear more open.

However, rugs that are laid in the hallway do not just need to look good, they also need to be able to cope with a lot. Especially in rainy weather, dirt and mud are carried through the apartment by dirty shoes. In such cases, you can use rugs made from natural materials. For example, jute and sisal rugs are very hard-wearing, antistatic, easy to clean and have a low dirt adhesion.

Synthetic fibres, such as polyacrylic, are dirt resistant, extremely elastic and retain their surface structure even during intensive use. An outdoor rug is also made of robust synthetic or sisal fibres and is therefore suitable as an indoor rug for the hallway.

As you can see, there are numerous options for decorating a hallway and vary it with rugs. So there is no need to be daunted by small rooms!

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