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How to style

Poufs & Floor Cushions

Visitors coming over and you don't have enough seating at hand? A new corner for your child to chill out? You want to spice up your outdoor area? Poufs and floor cushions are the answer to all your questions! Yet how do you style these trendy home accessories?

Have a look at the numerous ways to use your all-rounders.

Poufs & floor cushions for seating

Poufs and floor cushions serve many different functions, but they were originally designed for seating: they can be quickly pulled out whenever guests come over and serve as a trendy seating alternative. Especially cool is a chair-pouf mix at the dining table!

Place a pouf in the bedroom or dressing room to sit comfortably while putting on and taking off shoes. Got that one chair that all your clothes end up on? Why not swap it for a pouf - it offers more space and makes you feel cosier at the same time.

Besides, floor cushions are a perfect match for the trendy Japandi style, which combines Scandinavian cosiness and Far Eastern aesthetics: flat, functional pieces of furniture are among the key pieces in this interior trend!

Credits: @its_martynas_little_house

Out tip on purchasing:

Measure the area your new pouf will take up beforehand and mark it with tape. This way, you can visually imagine how much space your new it-piece will cover without cluttering up the room.

After all, the cosy accessories take up space that may be needed for other things in very small flats.

Credits: @berrys_home

Poufs & floor cushions as side tables

Poufs as side tables

Poufs are a great alternative to conventional side tables thanks to their firm filling. Create additional stability with a tray and you can place your coffee on it easily. Coffee table books look simply cool on these it-pieces, too.

Credits: @hejmelig

Combination with rugs

Insider tip: Pairing a pouf with a rug in the same design adds calm to the look.

An all-over look fits particularly well in both Scandinavian interiors and minimalist flats.

Poufs & floor cushions in the kids room

In the nursery kids mainly play and have fun, but there also needs to be a place to relax: In the kids’ room, your little ones can use poufs and floor cushions as a cosy chill corner.

When it comes to decorating your child's room, models proportionately made of easy-care polyester or cosy wool are your best bet. Among young children, floor cushions that are placed close to the floor are preferred.

But parents appreciate poufs as well: Compared to other pieces of furniture, they do not have hard edges. This prevents your loved ones from hurting themselves. Moreover, they emphasise your child's room design and are convenient for sitting on and reading bedtime stories to your child as they drift off to sleep.

Credits: @caros_diary

Poufs & floor cushions in outdoor areas

Enjoy the living room feeling outdoors: Just like outdoor rugs, outdoor poufs continue to grow in popularity. Relaxing on the terrace or balcony on warm summer days and enjoying the sun - wonderful! Get comfortable with home accessories that conjure up a cosy flair.

Tip: Poufs and floor cushions are easy to carry around and are therefore the perfect companions for a picnic, even if only in your own garden.

Outdoor Poufs & floor cushions are:

  • a stylish addition
  • moisture repellent and easy to clean
  • additional options for seating and storage
  • perfect for sunbathing and relaxing

Credits: @mariswolke


Before buying your new home accessories, get informed about materials and maintenance.

In this blog article on materials and maintenance, you can discover everything you need to know about poufs & floor cushions!


Your benuta Style Team