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    Viscose Rugs: Luxurious Charm in Your ome

    Soft, shiny and silky – viscose rugs enrich your home with a brilliant shine and a colour palette of elegant tones and subdued patterns. The design of these unique floor accessories is simple but yet very impressive – each viscose rug creates a brilliant interplay of colours as the silky fibres beautifully reflect light and add sheer brilliance to the surface. When changing your point of view, the pile gets a unique look, just like the one of vintage rugs.

    While sisal rugs are made from natural fibres, a viscose rug is produced from natural synthetic fibres. This special feature of both synthetic and natural rugs bears various advantages: unlike wool rugs, rugs made from viscose are suitable for people with animal allergies. Since viscose has a very fine structure, the properties of viscose rugs are similar to those of cotton rugs, however, the pile of viscose rugs but can be processed more densely. Despite their relatively low pile length, these gems are just as soft and cuddly like shaggy rugs.

    Why we Love Viscose Rugs

    • Suitable for allergy sufferers:indoors

    • Brings a luxurious and modern look to your home

    • Th viscose feels soft and comfortable on the feet despite the short pile

    Luxurious Viscose Rugs

    The surface of a viscose rug is soft like silk and enriches every living room and bedroom with its elegant sheen. Many of our viscose rugs are carefully crafted by hand, using 100% viscose, but depending on the model, various materials like, for example, shiny viscose and high quality wool, can also be combined to create a homely atmosphere. Cotton fibres are also frequently blended with viscose to compose beautiful viscose rugs. This unique selection of materials makes the elegant home accessories not only luxurious, but also particularly soft and comfortable.No matter which material viscose rugs are combined with: They have the charm of a completely natural rug, because they always have a smooth touch and give you the feeling of walking on velvet.

    Discover a wide variety of elegant viscose rugs and advance the level of comfort in your home. Whether in the form of a runner rugs or bedroom rugs – you will be amazed how the velvety structure changes your home!