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    Sisal Rugs: The Beauty of Nature

    Sisal rugs are true natural beauties that add a special, natural charm to any home. They score especially with their biodegradable material, which is obtained from the leaf fibers of the sisal agave. As a renewable resource, they live up to the principle of sustainability and thus have a good environmental balance. Since they are, like the material of a wool rug or outdoor rug, very robust and resistant, they can be used in many ways and are particularly well suited as a base material for a natural fibre rug.

    Discover the variety of sisal rugs in beige, black, blue and other great colors in the benuta online store and choose your new favorite. Many of the models are available immediately."

    Sisal Rugs For a Stylish Home

    Almost any living space can be decorated with a sisal rug. Equipped with a non-slip underside, it provides a secure grip and always stays in place. Thanks to their durability, sisal rugs can withstand even high loads in busy living rooms, for example, as a kitchen rug. Thus, rugs made of natural fibers prove to be particularly durable. The positive thing about natural materials: due to their hygroscopic properties, they create a healthy living climate by absorbing moisture from the room and releasing it when needed. Despite all this, it should be noted that they are not suitable for permanently damp rooms such as bathrooms, as sisal carpets are damaged in the event of excessive moisture and water stains may remain in the long term.

    Natural Rugs at benuta

    Sisal rugs are much more than a functional highlight: they are the ideal floor covering for nature lovers and all those who love classic and timeless design. Usually in natural tones such as beige, brown or red, a rug made of sisal has an unobtrusive effect and thus leaves plenty of room for the individual design of a room. Many rugs in sisal look are also bordered by a beautiful border, which additionally emphasizes the natural structure of the flat-woven rugs. A variety of different shapes and sizes gives one the opportunity to lay them out in almost any part of the house. Sisal runners are especially popular specimens, which thanks to their shape are perfect for narrow, elongated hallways. But other models also delight with their natural look and simple design: whether you choose a rug in round or square - it will always exude a warm and cozy atmosphere in the apartment.

    Secure Your Favorite

    At benuta you can buy online a wide range of sisal rugs in many shapes such as round, runner rugs or rectangular. Also the color selection with us is diverse. In addition to sisal you will find in our online store many other natural fibre rugs such as:

    Sisal Rugs with Borders as a Statement Piece

    If a plain colored rug is too plain for you, you should go for a sisal rug with a border in turquoise, green or red. Despite the timeless design, you can set accents with a color-contrasting border and coordinate the furnishings with home accessories and decorations in the same color tone. If you like it more eye-catching, you can choose an oriental rug with a border instead of a sisal rug. The decorations make the rug an eye-catcher in any living room.

    Buy Sisal Rugs Online at benuta

    You want to create a relaxed oasis of well-being in your four walls? Then go for the natural material and put a stylish sisal rug in your home. Browse now online through a large selection of rugs made of sisal in many colors such as beige, red, blue or black. You can choose from different sizes and shapes and have your favorite easily and conveniently delivered directly to your home. If you don't like your order, you can return it to us within 60 days thanks to our extended return policy.

    Let yourself be inspired and discover a rug that suits you and your wishes!