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Green Rug

Items 1-85 of 85

Items 1-85 of 85

  1. Wool Rug Shape Light Green
  2. Wool Rug Shape Light Green
  3. Wool Rug Shape Light Green
  4. Wool Rug Shape Light Green

Items 1-85 of 85

Green Rugs

A green rug brings spring into your home at any time of the year! The nuances of green are just as diverse as nature itself, creating an individual ambience depending on the particular shade. Light green rugs provide natural freshness whereas dark green rugs add a touch of elegance to your interior. Apple rugs, on the contrary, form delicate colour accents in every room of your home.

Combining Green Rugs

Green rugs nearly match any colour scheme - they harmoniously fit with furniture and living accessories in different colour variations. With a green rug, the contrasting effect with simple and plain colours such as beige, for example, can be particularly beautiful. This combination emphasizes the natural touch of green rugs in a very individual way. Also an original note is given to the room when the colour yellow is combined with a green rug - so the lively character of green is particularly evident.

Huge Variety of Green Rugs

Green round rugs or bright green bedroom rugs only represent a small selection of the variety of green rugs you can buy online at benuta. In order to make the perfect choice for your home, you should consider carefully which shade of green fits best into living space. For this purpose, you should consider the shape, the material, the motif and the size of your green rug and consider what effect the particular green shade has on your room. The price of a modern or classic green rug also varies depending on the production method, material, size and brand of your green rug. Our Whisper rug, for example, is popular choice as it is made of high quality fibres and thus has a very soft surface. In addition, our vintage collections include popular green and teal rugs which are also highly popular as they provide an easy way to create a unique interior design.

You are looking for a refreshing alternative for a green rug? A blue rug provides just as much comfort and vividness as a green rug. See for yourself and discover our brilliant variety of green rugs .