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Country Style Rugs

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Our new cottage style rugs:
Modern, classy & elegant

Country Style Rugs

  1. BeigeBlackBlack/WhiteBlueBrownGreenGreyMulticoloredOrangePinkPurpleRedTaupeTurquoiseWhiteYellow
  1. Modern
  2. Traditional
  3. Kids
  4. Bath
  1. benuta NATURALS
  2. benuta TRENDS
  3. benuta PLUS
  4. benuta KIDS
  5. benuta
  6. benuta CLASSIC
  7. Brink & Campman
  8. Linie Design
  1. Synthetic fibres
  2. Sisal / Jute
  3. Wool
  4. Rayon
  5. Cotton
  1. Bedside carpetBedside carpet
  2. RectangularRectangular
  3. RoundRound
  4. RunnerRunner
  5. Small carpetSmall carpet
  6. SquareSquare
  1. Border
  2. Chevron
  3. Floral
  4. Geometric
  5. Ikat
  6. Kilim
  7. Ornamental
  8. Plain
  9. Relief Pattern
  10. Stripes
  11. Vintage / Patchwork
  12. Ziegler
  1. Asiatic Harmony
  2. Boho Chic
  3. Classic Elegance
  4. Country & Coastal Style
  5. Ethno Style
  6. Modern Glamour
  7. Modern Pop Art
  8. Natural Living
  9. Orient Style
  10. Retro Style
  11. Scandinavian
  12. Shabby Chic
  13. Vintage & Patchwork Style
Living Space(open)
  1. Bedroom
  2. Dining room
  3. Hall / Entrance
  4. Kitchen
  5. Living room
  6. Outdoor / Terrace
  1. Flatweave
  2. Hand Tufted
  3. Hand knotted
  4. Handwoven
  5. Machine woven
Available Sizes(open)
  1. XS up to 70x140 cm
  2. S up to 90x160 cm
  3. M up to 120x200 cm
  4. L up to 170x240 cm
  5. XL up to 200x300 cm
  6. XXL up to 300x400 cm
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Country style rugs

Rustic charm and great comfort: country style rugs are part of a living trend that has been with us for a long time and thus has been decorating our floors for years. With origins in the 18th century, country style furnishings, such as kitchen rugs and rug runners, still enrich our homes with soft colours and floral patterns. Inspired by nature, subtle beige, clear white and warm pastel colours create a sense of peace and harmony in any interior and can be combined with all kinds of wooden furniture. Drawing inspiration from classic designs, such as elegant borders and delicate tendril patters, the design of country rugs is often embellished with modern elements. This creates an inviting, cosy atmosphere in every room and helps to ensure relaxation and recreation. In regard to the design, vintage rugs are also quite popular as their used-look beautifully highlights the traditional origin of the country style. This lovely design ultimately shapes the timeless character of country style rugs and thus can even be combined with modern living styles, without losing their nostalgic flair.

Cosy cottage-style rugs

Cottage rugs nicely adapt to the cheerful, idyllic atmosphere of the cottage style. By doing so, it does not matter if an outdoor rugs decorates the exterior of a house, or if a cottage-style sisal rugs put new life into the living room with their natural charm. At benuta, cottage style rugs are available in nearly any material: easy-care synthetic fibres are just as part of our selection as high-quality natural fibres which have been carefully processed into wool rugs, for example. But no matter which cottage style rug or country style rug you choose, they are always elegant, simple and comfortable, never go out of fashion and enrich your home for many years with their timeless designs.