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pet owner, cat
pet owner, cat

Rugs for pet owners

Hints for living with cats & dogs

Whether dogscats or rabbits - we love our little four-legged friends! For many people, pets are not just pets. They are family members and faithful companions who enrich our lives! People often say: “Do not buy rugs if you have dogs or cats!” So does this mean that anyone who decides to get a pet, or has a pet, has to say no to rugs? Fortunately, we disagree with this statement!

As long as you bear some points in mind, there is no reason why pet-owners should say no to the combination of rugs and pets. On the contrary - we will explain how the right choice of a carpet can even have a positive effect on your life with your little four-legged friends and what to look out for if you have a dog or a cat.

rug for pet, dog

Benefits of rugs for pet owners

Have you ever thought that a carpet could bring a whole range of benefits to you and your pet? Let us convince you of our reasons:

Dogs and cats can easily slip on laminate floors or other smooth surfaces. This is not only very stressful for the joints of your loved one, but can also lead to unsightly scratches on the floor. Rugs also exude visual appeal and feel good. Pets like to use the cosy areas to relax. Rugs can thus create a feel-good atmosphere for all residents, whether they have two or four legs.“

Click clack, click clack” - with a rug, the annoying pattering of small paws is a thing of the past. A carpet has a sound-absorbing effect - and ensures more peace and inner balance. Another big advantage is that small blemishes and stains on rugs are less noticeable than on other floor coverings. In addition, rugs are lighter and far cheaper to replace than a wooden floor.

As you can see, rugs provide a higher level of comfort and are by no means a no-no in a home with pets.

Suitable carpets for pet owners

Our four-legged friends give us a lot of joy - but unfortunately also a good deal of work. They lose hair, cough up hairballs and cause one kind of mess or another. They either have intense fights with rugs or spread themselves out on them to make themselves comfortable. One thing is clear: Rugs have to endure a lot!

For this reason, flat-woven rugs, which consist of synthetic fibres, are best-suited for pet-owners. In contrast to rugs made of natural fibres, these are more durable and easier to clean at the same time. Tips on rug cleaning can be found here: Cleaning rugs and removing stains. Keep an eye on our quality seals as well. Just as for ourselves, we do not want to expose our animal friends to polluted fabrics, therefore many of our rugs are certified and high quality is ensured.

When your pets fight on, or with, your rug, the claws of your loved one may get stuck in the fibres of the rug. On the one hand, threads are pulled out of the rug and, on the other hand, the pet can get hurt. Both of these instances should be avoided! Short-pile rugs made of flat fabric are particularly well suited for pet owners, as they are very resistant and have a solid structure. So your darlings can play all that they want!

The colour and pattern of pet rugs

The colour of your pet’s fur is very important when choosing a carpet. For example, if your four-legged flatmate has light fur, a light rug may be suitable. For dark-furred animals, you should opt for a dark rug. A well-considered colour choice will mean that animal hair will not fall directly on the rug, resulting in a positive effect on the overall look of the room.

Keep in mind, however, that dirt and stains are more visible on light-toned rugs. Alternatively, you can opt for rugs with different patterns. These not only make your room look even more beautiful, but any stains on them are hardly noticed. Multi-coloured patterned rugs have an even stronger concealing effect.

  • rugs for pet, cat
  • rugs for pets, dog

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