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    Boho rugs

    Boho rugs are part of an extravagant interior design style, which enriches your living space with its casual charm. Inspired by the individualism of bohemians, boho style rugs offer various possibilities to establish your personal taste in terms of living and decorating and thus provide plenty of space for creativity. Similar to vintage rugs, a boho rug offers exciting variety. Whether as shaggy rugs or runner rugs, fascinating patterns and vivid colours are the main features of this unconventional look and add depth to your interior. As this interior style has no limits, boho rugs even combine elements of hippie and ethno styles in creative way. In addition to our boho rugs, you will also find trendy fringe rugs that bring a fresh vibe to your home.

    Playful look with round boho rugs

    Would you like to embellish a small room or visually separate an area in a larger room from the rest? Then a round boho rug is a great way to make your home cosy and stylish. Browse online with us and discover round pieces with playful fringes, in ethnic prints and made of jute or sisal. The round boho rugs are real eye-catchers and are perfect for the living room, bedroom or hallway.

    Extravagant boho rug

    Boho rugs freshen up the appearance of every interior design. The fascinating interplay between colours and patterns creates a casual yet extravagant atmosphere, which is bound to enrich traditional and modern interior by adding a personal stamp. Our huge selection of outdoor rugs has the right piece for everyone. Whether abstract floral patterns or graphic check motifs, all boho style rugs have one thing in common: vibrant, extravagant designs and diverse material compositions. In addition, boho chic rugs are true all-rounders, which work well with most colour schemes. If you combine them with subdued tones, they look particularly impressive and eye-catching. It’s easy to add a splash of colour with a bohemian rug, and since their style does not apply to any standards, combinations with colourful furnishings are also doable. However, boho rugs are not only characterised by a mix of colours and patterns, but also by a great variety of rug styles – whether as round rugs or kitchen rugs, a boho carpet is just the thing to create a unique and relaxed atmosphere.

    A boho rug by benuta is an easy way to achieve a casual, modern interior style.

    Robust boho outdoor rugs

    Make your next summer unforgettable and embellish your balcony, patio or garden with a robust outdoor rug with a boho look! The playful pieces bring vibrancy and joy to your outdoor space and enhance even small areas. Next to plants and colourful flower pots, the boho outdoor rugs really come into their own and unleash their full charm. You might even have the opportunity to hang up a hanging basket in stylish macramé. Discover these and many more outdoor rugs online at benuta - whether in boho chic, Scandi look or vintage design!