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Natural Living


Cosy rugs made of natural fibres

Natural Living

  1. BeigeBlackBlack/WhiteBlueBrownGreenGreyMulticoloredOrangePinkPurpleRedTaupeTurquoiseWhiteYellow
  1. Contemporary Rugs
  2. Shaggy Rugs
  1. Sisal / Jute
  2. Wool
  3. Rayon
  4. Cotton
  5. Silk
  1. Bedside carpetBedside carpet
  2. RectangularRectangular
  3. RoundRound
  4. RunnerRunner
  5. Small carpetSmall carpet
  6. SquareSquare
    29 -  2355
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  1. Abstract
  2. Berber
  3. Border
  4. Check
  5. Chevron
  6. Floral
  7. Gabbeh
  8. Geometric
  9. Kilim
  10. Ornamental
  11. Plain
  12. Relief Pattern
  13. Stripes
  14. Vintage / Patchwork
  15. Waves
  1. Asiatic Harmony
  2. Boho Chic
  3. Classic Elegance
  4. Country & Coastal Style
  5. Ethno Style
  6. Modern Glamour
  7. Modern Pop Art
  8. Natural Living
  9. Orient Style
  10. Retro Style
  11. Scandinavian
  12. Shabby Chic
  13. Vintage & Patchwork Style
Living Space(open)
  1. Bathroom
  2. Bedroom
  3. Children's room
  4. Dining room
  5. Hall / Entrance
  6. Kitchen
  7. Living room
  1. Flatweave
  2. Hand Tufted
  3. Hand knotted
  4. Handwoven
  5. Machine Tufted
  6. Machine woven
Available Sizes(open)
  1. XS up to 70x140 cm
  2. S up to 90x160 cm
  3. M up to 120x200 cm
  4. L up to 170x240 cm
  5. XL up to 200x300 cm
  6. XXL up to 300x400 cm
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Natural fiber rugs

The rugs made of natural fibers are really popular due to their natural materials. The range of the materials include wool, cotton, sisal, jute, bamboo and some rare materials like hemp, banana, silk and leather. Althrough in the meantime synthetic fibers will be more and more used in a textil branch, the natural fibers thanks to their many qualities and applications are keeping a great significance. They serve for example as a raw material for many arts of rugs and they give a beautifully natural look not only to modern rugs but also to classical rugs. The positive caracteristics of natural fibers enable various forms of productions like knotting, weaving or tufting. In comparison to a wool rug a rug of jute mostly has a woven structure.

A great variety of natural fiber rugs

A natural fiber rug gives every house a nice aura of naturality and charme. Because this time of aura is esteemed in living room and bedroom, all natural fiber rugs are a perfect accessory for this type of rooms. A kitchen rug or outdoor rug is produced primarily of sythetic fibers like polypropylene which is more appropriate because it can be exposed to higher burdens. Natural fibers have excellent thermoregulation properties. Thanks to this "loose and hollow" structure they can take the steam and if needed give it away - this applies amostly for the rugs made of wool and cotton. Additionnally, they can store warmth very well. The practical part about it: wool rugs for example don't only insulate but also manage a natural and healthy living environment while regulating the humidity in living zones, neutralising taken odours and giving it away to the environement. Furthermore, there are many other characteristics of natural fibers which are in favour to use natural fiber rugs.

Buying natural fiber rugs online

A natural fiber rug is a qualitity product that connects naturality and aesthetics. By choosing a rug of New Zealand wool, you get an exceptionnaly fine and excellent item for your home and you'll appreciate its presence for a long time. Because wool and silk fibers take the colours easily, they are colourfast and non-fading. That's why you can find in our range not only rugs in bright colours but also the rugs in pastel shades. From conspicuous and trendy via classical and elegant to plain and simple - mordern rugs made of natural fibers are available in various designs and forms. A natural fiber shaggy rug for example delivers a high degree of comfort to every room.

Discover our huge variety of natural fiber rugs and shop rugs online at benuta for better prices.