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    Discover White Rugs for a Cosy and Clear Ambience

    White rugs and the colour white in general are very popular in interior design. White represents clarity and adds a timeless charm and simple elegance to every home. In addition, white rugs are versatile all-rounders: their bright pile is ideal for dark rooms as it expands them visually and gives them more depth. But they also embellish any room with their simple appearance. White rugs and cream rugs retain themselves in an impressive way and thus guarantee plenty space for the remaining decoration of the room. Depending on the model and the material used, the pile of a white rug adds beautiful structure to the room. If it is made of wool, it provides pleasant warmth to your feet. A white shaggy rug, on the other hand, highly increases the comfort in every room thanks to its long pile.

    Combining White & Cream Rugs

    A white or cream rug emphasizes every style of interior design and can be combined with design accessories in all different colours. There are only a few models which offer that much freedom. Colourful rugs, for example, are less flexible in regard to the colour scheme they can be integrated in, after all it is easier to match a single, subtle colour with your interior than multiple colours, in order to create a harmonious overall picture. This is not the case with a white rug or cream rug - whether your home has natural wooden furniture, an elegant leather sofa or colourful ceramics - white and cream rugs fit any colour and any material.

    benuta Styling-Inspo

    Are you still unsure about the best way to showcase a white rug or do you just want to try something new? Then let our styling tips inspire you and transform any living area into a stylish room!

    • Living room: Place a large white rug under or in front of your sofa area and the room will look much cosier. Choose a model with a high hallway for warm feet - even in winter! A short pile piece with a relief or waffle texture also looks great here and gives your living room a modern Scandinavian touch.

    • Hallway: A white runner or a round model is perfect for small entrance areas. They open up the space and make it more inviting. If you want to lay a white rug in the hallway, we recommend a washable model or a robust indoor/outdoor rug. These models are easier to care for.

    • Office: The clear and light colour of the white rug won't distract you. This allows you to focus on your work. However, you still sit in a cosy atmosphere as the floor doesn't look bare.

    Great Variety of White & Cream Rugs

    At benuta you have a huge selection of white rugs and cream rugs. Whether you are looking for a round white rug, a white model made of natural or synthetic fibres, a white carpet for your wedding or an event, a rug in white-grey, a white kitchen runner or a fluffy white shaggy carpet for your living room, there are no limits to your possibilities. The price of a white rug or cream rug depends mainly on the size, the type of manufacture, the materials and the brand. A white or cream carpet can be discreetly and beautifully combined with a yellow rug in a layer look to create a harmonious overall picture. In addition to a white version, our beige rugs are a great alternative. Their colouring lends a luxurious ambience to any interior.

    Shop by Rug Size and Form

    Whether you are looking for a small, medium or large cream rug - at benuta you will find a great selection of different sizes and shapes online. Browse through our trendy designs online and get inspired by:

    • XS to S: At benuta, you can find cream rugs in 70x140 cm to 90x160 cm.

    • M to L: We also offer medium to large rugs in the sizes 140x200 cm or 170x240 cm.

    • XL to XXL: For extra spacious areas, you can secure white rugs in 200x300 cm or 300x400 cm online.

    • Round, square, oval and more shapes

    Buy White Rugs & Creme Rugs Online

    If you want to buy a white rug or a cream rug online at a low price, then benuta is the right place for you. There is almost certainly something to suit your taste. Whether you are looking for a white high pile carpet, a snow-white carpet for your bathroom or a more white-grey carpet for your living room, there are no limits to the variety at benuta.