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Items 1-23 of 23

Items 1-23 of 23

Star rug

Star rugs are a unique kind of modern rugs and have been embellishing our homes with their beautiful textures for quite some time now. Thanks to their charming design, they create a homely atmosphere and add the finishing touches to any room. With a star rug, you are offered a wide range of colour choices, including rainbow colours and muted tones like grey and beige. This allows you to express yourself with the colour of your choice and effortlessly coordinate it with your home interior. Star rugs are also available in a number of different materials, like soft wool or easy-care synthetic fibres, offering the perfect texture for all demands.

Our star rug range aims to provide a selection for any taste and any living space. Depending on the individual design, a rug with stars brings a modern look to your home but can also add a classic touch. Often, the design of star rugs is combined with other graphic patterns which create unique mosaic patterns. This special composition decorates runners or round rugs which brighten up every space with their exceptional design.

Star rugs for any age

Star rugs are not only designed to bring comfort and style to the living space of grown-ups but also transform the appearance of any teen’s room. As the popular star design even decorates children's rugs, a star rug can be considered as a piece of home furnishing for young and old. Composed of a great number of beautiful stars, the popular accessories create a fantastic look that is easily completed by other star design home accessories. But even a single star brightens up the motif of star rugs. While a star shaggy rug adds depth to your living and bedroom, a flat-woven star rug is the perfect addition for dining rooms.

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