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Nepal Rugs


Add refinement to your interior with
classic borders of nepal rugs

Nepal Rugs


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Nepal rugs

Nepal rugs represent relatively young pieces of art compared to other traditional rugs, since the craftsmanship of knotting Nepalese rugs has been brought to the Himalayan region only recently in 1959, when Tibetan refugees arrived in Nepal. Like Kilim rugs and Berber rugs, these traditional Tibetan rugs originally have been crafted by nomads and served various purposes and have been used as sitting rugs, for example. Thanks to a Swiss aid organization, the craft of Tibetan weaving was continued and brought about Nepalese rugs with traditional Tibetan designs, decorated with beautiful floral patterns and rich animal motifs. Gradually, these motifs were adapted to the European taste and thus their design features became simpler than their classical decor.

Modern Nepalese rugs

Since the design of Nepalese rugs has been modernized, they now resemble traditionally knotted Tibetan rugs very little. Nevertheless, they are very popular due to their simple design. When speaking of a modern Nepal rug, one usually refers to the typical Nepalese design, which is mainly characterised by elegant borders along the edges. The colour of these usually matches the middle area of the Nepal rug and beautifully frames its elegant, plain design. Although these modern rugs usually display muted tones, bright red or blue shades are also found among the palette, adding great warmth to your interior when used in the shape of runners or round rugs, for example. Thus it is not surprising, that the style of a Nepal rug is referred to as classic and elegant – after all, the design is very subdued and complements all interiors without being overwhelming.

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