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Lytte Kids Rugs

Outdoor Teppiche

Für Balkon & Terasse

A happy child's laugh, nature and design - the new LYTTE rug brand is truly inspired by the simple things in life. With lovingly designed rugs Lytte makes it easy to stylishly decorate your children's room while keeping it simple and trendy at the same time.

    Here's what distinguishes LYTTE rugs :

  • Playful designs
  • Soft & fluffy
  • Machine washable
  • Durable
  • Thanks to a simple and clean design with soft colors, the young German LYTTE team has created rugs that can perfectly match any home and create a feel good atmosphere. The childlike patterns also support the creativity of your little ones and allow them to use their imagination while playing, guaranteeing lots of fun while doing so.

    LYTTE not only represents style but quality as well. Carefully chosen natural materials are processed and controlled in high quality workshops in order to guarantee the highest standard, allowing you peace of mind that your children aren’t playing on a rug constructed of possibly harmful materials. LYTTE rugs are also very easy to clean and allow little stains and spills to be removed in no time.

    What do we associate with LYTTE? Ease. Not only are they stylish and simple, but they can also be easily folded and taken out without problems. Designed with love, LYTTE is sure to convince both big and small customers alike.

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  1. BeigeBlackBlack/WhiteBlueBrownGreenGreyMulticoloredOrangePinkPurpleRedTaupeTurquoiseWhiteYellow
  1. Modern
  2. Traditional
  3. Kids
  4. Bath
  1. RectangularRectangular
  2. RoundRound
  3. SquareSquare
  1. Geometric
  2. Letters / Numbers
Available Sizes(open)
  1. XS up to 70x140 cm
  2. S up to 90x160 cm
  3. M up to 120x200 cm
  4. L up to 170x240 cm
  5. XL up to 200x300 cm
  6. XXL up to 300x400 cm
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