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Rugs in 250x350 cm


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    Rugs in 250 x 350 cm: Perfect Accessories for Large Rooms

    To best emphasize the charm of a large room, you should use a rug in sizes such as 250 x 350 cm as a floor accessory. Depending on the chosen color and design, the rug will emphasize your interior style or create an exciting contrast - there are no limits to your design! The living room is usually the heart of your four walls and is often the largest room. Use the space and bring your own personality with a rug in 250 x 350 cm!

    That's Why we Love 250 x 350 cm Large Rugs

    • Besides their functional use, rugs in 250x350 cm as well as other large sizes such as 300x400 cm rugs or medium 160x230 cm rugs have an impressive presence and underline the charm of your room.

    • Whether as a cotton rug, made of robust synthetic fibres or natural materials such as jute and sisal - you will find our 250x350 cm rugs in many great designs.

    • Rugs in 250 x 350 cm in extravagant colors and patterns are great statement pieces that underline your interior style.

    Select Large Rugs in 250 x 350 cm by Style

    Classic Designs

    A masterpiece of craftsmanship: Nepal rugs and other oriental models convince with their attention to detail and with their historical significance. Such a classic floor accessory can be combined in many ways: whether with a traditional interior or in a modern interior - a Nepal rug always looks great! Place a large Nepal model in 250 x 350 cm under your couch landscape in the living room or a dining table and redesign the ambience in just a few steps. You can get them in many different colors like red, blue, yellow or green. Thanks to their special weaving technique and the detailed patterns, the 250 x 350 cm rugs are a highlight in any living room.

    Modern Looks

    In addition to classic designs, you can buy a 250 x 350 cm rug in a modern look. For example, beautify your living or dining room and bring a breath of fresh air into the ambience. The large rug creates an inviting atmosphere and connects, for example, a couch landscape or a dining area together. Depending on the color you choose, you create a space with different dimensions and contrasts. Especially for open floor plans, a 250 x 350 cm rug is a great alternative to visually divide your space. Try it out and browse through our online store.

    Buy Rugs in 250 x 350 cm at benuta

    You want to redesign your living space or visually separate an open floor plan? Then a 250 x 350 cm rug is a great option! Discover a huge selection of colors, looks and patterns online and choose a piece that perfectly suits you, your interior style and your needs. We deliver all models quickly and conveniently to your home. If you don't like your 250 x 350 cm rug, our extended return policy gives you 60 days to simply send it back to us.