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Rugs in 160x230 cm


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    Discover rugs in 160 x 230 cm in great variety

    Welcome to benuta, your online store for trendy rugs. Our versatile selection of rugs in 160 x 230 cm as well as many other sizes makes every interior heart beat faster - promised! Redesign your home, give it a new look or set exciting accents. A rug in 160 x 230 cm is especially suitable for large rooms such as the living or dining room. But also in the children's room it supports your kids when playing and romping. An outdoor rug in 160x230 cm is also ideal for outside on your patio or in the garden.

    Browse our range online now and be inspired by our great medium and large rugs like 250x350 cm rugs and more!

    benuta style guide for 160 x 230 cm rugs

    The perfect rug for the living room rugs

    A rug in your living room is more than just a floor accessory. It makes a statement and is an expression of your personality. Which color or pattern fits best depends on your interior style. If you like it extravagant, a colorful rug in 160 x 230 cm is a great choice; also a model with patterns can look good in your four walls. A 160 x 230 cm rug in beige or other light shades will look great in minimalist or Scandinavian style living areas. Whatever style you choose, you'll find it online at benuta:

    • A wide range of styles - classic traditional to playful boho looks and modern designs.

    • Easy-care and robust materials for everyday family life with or without pets. For example, many of our cotton rugs are washable.

    • Various pile lengths for comfort and feel. Play with the texture of your rug to add dimension to your space. A short pile carpet in 160 x 230 cm turn, is particularly easy to maintain and clean compared to a shaggy.

    Choose colorful and durable kids rugs

    Kids rugs should stimulate the imagination of your kids, invite them to play and at the same time be robust and durable. So that your little ones have enough space to romp and explore the world, we recommend a large kids rug in 160 x 230 cm. You can get them from us in many cute designs, in addition, they are produced in high quality.

    Buy rugs in 160 x 230 cm at benuta

    Whether a small or large room - at benuta you will find the right floor accessory for every area. Choose from a variety of sizes such as rugs in 160 x 230 cm and give your home a stylish touch - whether as a short pile carpet, shaggy variant or shaggy flokati rugs. We offer great designs, stylish colors and patterns that are on trend for every budget. If you are looking for a cheap rug in 160 x 230 cm, you will definitely find a suitable piece at benuta POP. Discover these and many other collections online and choose your favorite. In addition to fast shipping, you can look forward to an extended return policy of 60 days, should you not like the rug in 160 x 230 cm.