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Brink & Campman rugs

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Items 1-9 of 9

Items 1-9 of 9

Brink & Campman Rugs

Brink & Campman rugs are created by a traditional rug manufacturer based in the Netherlands. Founded in 1897 by Cornelius Van den Brink and John Campman, the company producing high quality carpets is now run by Sjouke Jan Zwarthoff since the late 90s. The world-renowned Brink and Campman rugs are designed and produced in the Netherlands and are distributed in more than 50 different countries. Thanks to years of experience and a continuous process of development, Brink & Campman have been bringing new designs and rich collections in the market, which pick up the latest trends but at the same time preserve the unique character of traditional Brink & Campman rugs. This beautiful range includes classic black and white rugs, floral designs and plain-coloured motifs.

High quality Brink and Campman rugs

Quality materials provide the ideal basis for first class wool rugs and easy-care models made from synthetic fibres. Thanks to the careful selection of yarns, which are specifically designed for Brink and Campman rugs, the established company creates exclusive, high-end products which will enrich your home for a very long time with their elegant designs and outstanding quality. Following traditional techniques of hand-knotting, they are produced in Nepal or directly made in Holland.

Brink & Campman rugs for a stylish home

Brink and Campman rugs are available in a wide range of rug styles, including cosy shaggy rugs, extravagant contemporary rugs, elegant traditional rugs and bright kids rugs. The Dutch rug manufacturer also creates impressive collections for other renowned brands. Sanderson rugs, Scion rugs and Harlequin rugs radiate the same original character, and likewise bring elegance and comfort to your living space, while at the same time living up to the same standards of design and quality. As Brink and Campman is a member of the Care & Fair, they support the initiative against child labour and actively help children in developing countries.