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Statement Rugs

Are you still looking for an eye-catching rug yet minimalist designs are clearly not your taste? If so, an attention-grabbing statement rug is absolutely right for you and your new dream home!

What actually is a statement rug?

The term "statement rug" is referring to rugs designed to make a bold statement with their appearance. Minimalism adé - a statement rug possesses a strong visual statement. It achieves this either through a bright colour scheme, an unusual texture or eye-catching patterns.

If you are looking for an extra portion of individuality, this is exactly what you need. It's time to make a statement, are you intrigued?

Animal Print

The newest trend? Zebra patterns!

Leo print is the absolute classic among animal prints, but zebra patterns are becoming increasingly popular as well. Thanks to monochrome black and white stripes, zebra looks are easier to combine than other animal prints. Place these floor charmers in modern interiors, focusing on furnishings and home accessories in black and brown tones.

Do you love Scandinavian interiors? An animal print rug is a trendy match for this minimalist style. Stage it as an eye-catcher with plain accessories!

Animal print in the kids' room

We love animal print in the kids’ room: For your little ones, however, we take the motto a little more literally and prefer to place rugs with prints of cute animals. Thanks to high-quality materials, it makes the kids' room both cosy and stylish at the same time!

How about furs and fur cushions, providing extra cosiness to round off the statement look?

Statement Rugs with animal print

Asymmetric patterns

Statement rugs with variegated, asymmetric patterns evoke modern art. If you are a fan of plenty of colour and unusual shapes, those rugs are the right choice for you.

We love their versatility: whether as exciting eye-catchers in modern living rooms, on outdoor rugs or as an extra dose of creativity in kids' rooms. To round off the style, you can pick up selected colour nuances from the rug design and place home accessories in these shades.

Reminder: Refrain from large, eye-catching prints on the walls with this trend, let your statement rug play the leading role here!

Statement Rugs with asymmetric patterns

Marble Optic

Are you a fan of sophisticated and glamorous styles? If so, statement rugs with a marble optic are exactly what you need! With a shimmering marble look alike statement rug, you can instantly enhance any living space. The colour palette is subtle with shades of grey, white and brown; it is the special design that makes these statement rugs real eye-catchers.

Playing with different pile heights, they look even more "real", impressing with an unusual feel.

Statement rugs with a marble optic are particularly convincing in classic interiors. To complete the look, we recommend placing black metal accessories such as chairs or side tables. Making the marble look alike statement rug the focal point of your interior, despite the restrained colours.

Statement Rugs with marble optic

Floral designs

Floral designs as the center of attention

Floral designs are familiar furnishing components and are shown to their best advantage on statement rugs. There are two main ways to combine your statement rug with floral design. Either you place it in a rather modest interior. In this case, the rug becomes the centre of attention and clearly stands out from a furnishing concept based on calm colours.

A particular colour scheme

Alternatively, you can pick up the main colours of the statement rug with floral design and centre the entire interior around a particular colour scheme. In this case, the wall colour, as well as the furnishings and home accessories, are oriented towards the colour scheme of the rug. The look becomes particularly elegant with accessories in gold or silver.

Statement Rugs with floral designs

Let your new statement rug brighten up your home! Found the right look for you?



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