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benuta School in Mowaiya

Rugs provide our homes with warmth and cosiness - but unfortunately the living conditions of the people behind the carpet production are often characterized by the exact opposite. Especially child labor is still a problem. We at benuta have been an active member of CARE & FAIR for many years and support measures and projects aimed at successively limiting and abolishing illegal child labor.

Die meisten unserer Teppiche werden maschinell in modernen Fabriken hergestellt. Dort wo Handarbeit ins Spiel kommt, achten wir darauf, dass keine Kinder bei der Herstellung beteiligt waren und für die Arbeiter:innen faire Arbeitsbedingungen herrschen.

Monika Adler

Building the future

The key factors that promote child abduction are the bad or even completely absent educational opportunities in the classic manufacturing countries such as India, Nepal and Pakistan - and this is precisely where we come in: With the construction of the benuta school in Mowaiya, we aim to create a new learning and development space for 320 children - and by that paving them the way to a self-determined and secure future. For us, this is an affair of the heart!

A new school for Mowaiya

The village of Mowaiya, located about five kilometers north of the district town of Mirzapur, is currently home to about 40,000 people spread across ten villages. As in many other regions in India, the educational opportunities for children are either very inadequate or non-existent. The total of five state schools that exist in the entire area are far from sufficient. Many children in Mowaiya are therefore currently unable to attend school due to space problems in the existing schools and lack of teachers.

benuta makes school

With the construction of the new school building, we are creating a new perspective for the future of local children. The planned two-story school building will accommodate 320 students - regardless their denomination - from the first to the eighth grade. In addition to the general school subjects, the children will also learn the basic rules of hygiene and life with the help of trained educators and will thus be prepared in the best possible way for an autonomous future.

Education creates opportunities

Adult education will also find a place in the new building. It will provide space for 40 women to learn basic school skills in reading, arithmetic and writing as well as manual work, thus improving their position in society and the family.

United against child labor: CARE & FAIR

Since 1994, CARE & FAIR - Teppichhandel gegen Kinderarbeit e.V. has been advocating for children and families of rug weavers in Nepal, Pakistan and India. Their focal point is especially the promotion of school education, safe health care and adult education.

We want to thank you!

In December, you were able to do good with your purchase. Thanks to you, we raised an incredible amount of 25,000€ for the construction of the benuta school with our charity campaign. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for believing in our vision of a fair future for everyone and for joining us in working for a better world. We are convinced that together we can achieve anything!

Your benuta Team

The construction of the benuta School in Mowaiya has started 01 September 2021 -
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