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Items 1-25 of 26

Items 1-25 of 26

Bath mats

At benuta we offer you a wide range of high quality bath mats for every taste. The bathroom is now one of the most essential rooms altogether: Not a single house or flat seems complete without it. Recently it has gained increasing importance and many of those building new houses rather invest in a large and well furnished bathroom than in a living or dining room. Despite the high value that is now attached to the bathroom, and in general to matters concerning personal hygiene, wellness and relaxation, it often prevails a cold and not very cosy atmosphere due to smooth tiles and sanitary facilities. This makes resting quite difficult when spending time in this room. However, this effect can be mitigated with only a few changes of the bathroom furnishing and without having to redecorate the complete bathroom. One of the most significant details in this regard are textile materials like towels, curtains and beautiful bath mats, as their soft surface lightens the cold feeling produced by ceramics and stone. Bathroom mats and bath rugs also have practical advantages. Featured with a rubber backing, many non-slip bath mats create a steady surface and thereby ensure safety in a bathroom. A good bathroom rug also absorbs humidity without difficulties and thereby creates a pleasant room climate and a dry surface. The requirements are similar to those for a kitchen rug or a robust outdoor rug, but additionally should be comfortable and warm your feet like cosy bedroom rugs. Thus, bathroom rugs combine various properties, are in addition washable can be easily cleaned in a conventional washing machine when they get dirty (follow instructions on label).

Decorating with bath mats

In order to appeal to different styles and tastes, bath mats are now available in various designs and colours. Just like with round rugs, you can choose between round and rectangular variants in regard to bath mats. This of of course also applies to the pile height: Those who favour practicality can choose an easy-care low pile bath rug; someone who prefers a cosy bath mat, on the other hand, will get sheer pleasure out of shaggy bath mats in the style of shaggy rugs. All these variants have a robust finish and are perfectly suitability for humid rooms, after all not all modern rugs can be placed in the bathroom. A bath mat differs from other rugs in many respects. Even when exposed to humidity, it retains its original shape and colour without moulding or giving off unpleasant odours. Also, it does not shed; it is suitable for underfloor heating and can usually be washed in washing machine (follow instructions on label). These defining properties are gained by means of a unique manufacturing technique and the selection of robust materials, like special synthetic fibres or cotton. When it comes to colour, neutral shades are preferred: Grey rugs and beige rugs are very popular for the bathroom.

Bath rugs in a wide selection

Although they have to meet various quality requirements, it is often not that difficult to find a good and reasonable bath rug; especially if you want to buy bath mats online. At benuta you will find a large selection of bath rugs from various brands and in different price range, also including some of our Grund rugs. Our diverse filter options allow you to sort our products by colour, material, shape and many other features, making it easy to find the perfect bath mat. As usual, you will benefit from reasonable prices and fast shipping at benuta – find the bath rug of your choice easily and save money at the same time!

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