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Rugs are not just an elegant floor covering, but also home accessories with great decor potential. Now that we have explained how to put your rug in just the right spot in our blog article on determining the rug size it's time for a little more experimentation!

Have you ever thought of hanging your rug on the wall like a painting? This article helps you put this into action. We'll tell you how to hang a rug and what you should bear in mind.

On the walls!

Large and wide rooms in particular are made much more cosy with a wall rug - and also a lot quieter, because they can help to reduce sound and noise. But not all rugs are equally suited for hanging.

An important factor in choosing your new wall art is the weight of the rug. The general rule is: The lighter and smaller the rug, the easier it is to attach it to the wall.

Dense and heavy wool rugs are therefore less suitable for hanging than light and flatweave rugs. The large selection of flat weaves in our shop as well as the variety of designs directly invites you to try them out.

hang your leather rug as wall decoration

If you like things classical and are not afraid of spending a little more, you can decorate your walls with hand-knotted Persian rugs in real silk. Individually crafted, these fine, unique pieces have been considered works of art since the 17th century and belong on the wall and not on the floor.

Oriental ornaments and patterns convey a Far Eastern flair, which can create a thrilling break in style in a very modern environment, but can also complement a classic interior.

Vintage Teppich aufhängen

You can make things even more traditional by hanging a kilim rug. As far back as several centuries ago, nomads used this type of rug as a thermal wall hanging for their tents. Lovers of ethnic styles will particularly appreciate the motifs and colourful patterns of these traditional rugs. Decorating does not get more authentic than this!

But enough with the theory - let's move on!

Do it yourself: Rug hanging made easy

So you have decided to place a rug on the wall instead of on the floor, but you have no idea how to do it? We will introduce you to several methods below.

A wooden frame

Make a wooden frame to attach the rug to. You will need four wooden strips, each ten centimetres longer than your rug. Choose the colour and thickness of the strips to match the design and weight of the rug. The following rule applies: The heavier the rug, the sturdier and thicker the strips should be.

The rug is clamped into the frame at the top and bottom with the help of so-called U-brackets. These brackets are selected according to the thickness of the rug and screwed firmly into the wooden strips at regular intervals.

Now you just need to attach the finished construct to the wall. You can do this by screwing the wooden frame securely into the wall at each of the four corners using dowels.

A fabric frame

If you are not too keen on working with wood, you can alternatively construct a fabric frame. For this purpose, you need a long strip of fabric to which a cord is attached as a hanger.

The fabric must be stable and correspond to the rug in length and width. The thickness and stability of the cord should be selected to match the weight of the rug. The fabric with hanger is sewn twice with a sturdy cotton twine on the back of the rug.

This method is particularly well suited for putting heavy rugs on a wall, as the weight of the rug spreads evenly after hanging.

Hanging a rug with loops

If you are good at sewing, you can also attach the rug to the wall using loops. Use a heavy and sturdy cotton or leash fabric that matches the colour of your rug. Cut it into narrow strips, from which you then sew loops. Choose the length of the loops according to taste.

Sew the loops on the top and bottom of the rug at a distance of no more than 40 centimetres apart. This ensures that the tension is as even as possible. The loops make it possible to fasten the rug to the wall by means of a holding device, such as a curtain rod

Sewing on velcro

Velcro works really well for hanging a particularly thin and light rug. Sew it flush with the top and bottom edges on the back of the rug. The length of the velcro strip should correspond to the width of the rug. Attach the loop piece onto the wall. You can hang your rug right away!

This method takes relatively little effort and has the additional advantage that the suspension is completely invisible.

Tapestries - The Agony of Choice

Before deciding on your method of hanging, it's important to consider the weight of your rug. The material of the rug is also an important factor. However, you should not try to put a very expensive rug on your wall on your own. In this case, we strongly recommend consulting an expert, for example, a specialist Oriental rug shop. This is the only way to avoid permanent damage to your rug.

No matter which method you choose - a tapestry will be an extraordinary eye-catcher in your living room or bedroom.

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