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Gabbeh rugs


Abstract & playful Gabbeh rugs
with colourful, geometric motivs

Gabbeh rugs

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Gabbeh Rugs

Compared to other classic rugs, Gabbeh rugs are relatively abstract and richly coloured works of art. Like kilim rugs or berber rugs, traditional gabbeh rugs are manufactured by nomads and used for a variety of uses for example as a warm seat. Gabbeh rugs distinguish with big colour field and are decorated with geometric or rich animal patterns. Expressive and bright colour selection is also characteristic for gabbeh rugs. Traditionnal gabbeh rugs are produced from sheep- and goatskins and dyed only with natural dyestuff. The real boom for the gabbeh rugs developed in the 90's.

Modern gabbeh rugs

Because gabbeh rugs have been modernised in their design, they resemble the traditional rugs only in a superficial way. They are so popular thanks to their playful and colourful design. In case of modern gabbeh rugs, the typical gabbeh composition characterised by big and colorful fields is involved. Superficially are gabbeh rugs similar to modern rugs in ethno style and they are designed with vibrant red or blue. This means that they can be applied as high-contrast runner rug in living zone. Gabbeh rugs act refreshing and they catch everyone's eye. Their cheerful design is making gabbeh rugs one of more popular living accessoires.

Great diversity of gabbeh rugs

In benuta online shop you can find many of gabbeh rugs. Rich colours, various pattern and designs, different styles: choose between oriental inspired gabbeh pattern, modern design with a border or gabbeh rugs with geometrich white-black patterns. We're offering as well a large selection of modern gabbeh rugs for every taste and every room. How would it then be with a round rug with a gabbeh pattern? The gabbeh rug enriches your house and garden and beautify every interior with a noticeable beautiful accessoire.

Discover beautiful and affordable gabbeh rugs - among them hand-knotted wool rugs - online in benuta shop and make your home more beautiful with a timeless classical charme!