• General information

    I have some questions regarding one of your products. I'd like you to advise me.

    Our customer service operators will be more than pleased to assist you and to answer all your inquiries concerning our products. You can contact us either by mail or by telephone at the following number: 020 3608 0595.

    How can I contact you?

    Our customer service is available on weekdays from 10 am to 6 pm at the following number: 020 3608 0595. Should you contact us outside the just-mentioned office hours or should our lines be all busy, please indicate your name and telephone number and we won't hesitate to call you back as soon as possible. Moreover, you can contact our customer service at any time by mail. Your inquiry should normally be taken care of within a working day.

    Can you send me a catalogue in paper format?

    Unfortunately, benuta being an online retailer, we cannot provide you with a paper catalogue. Nevertheless, our online store offers you a wide range of products, search functions and other tools you wouldn't have in a catalogue in paper format. Should you like us to advise you, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service that will be more than happy to assist you.

    How can I subscribe to (or unsubscribe from) your newsletter?

    You can both subscribe to and unsubscribe from our newsletter by choosing the corresponding setting in the newsletter section. If you do not want to be updated anymore regarding benuta's news, please use the above-mentioned link to unsubscribe. Should you have any difficulty, our customer service remains, as always, at your complete disposal and will be more than happy to help you.

    Where can I find your bank details?

    After placing your order, you'll receive an automatic e-mail containing all the necessary details for paying by bank-transfer.

    Is my personal data in safe hands with you?

    Certainly. All personal data is treated with absolute confidentiality, won't be passed on to third parties nor remain stored longer than necessary in our servers in Germany, which are absolutely secure. While your order is being processed, your data will be transmitted only encrypted. According to the most advanced technology, we take every necessary measure on a technical and organizational level to avoid the loss and counterfeit of your data, as well as to prevent it from falling into unauthorized hands. For further information, please consult our data privacy section.

    I forgot my password.

    Don't worry! Click here to get a new password. This will be sent to the e-mail address you provided when signing up.

    How can I close my account associated to your online store?

    Should you like to close your benuta account, please contact our customer service either by mail or by phone at the following number: 020 3608 0595.

  • Order

    I have difficulties placing my order online. What should I do?

    You also have the chance to place your order by phone. Our customer service is at your complete disposal from Monday to Friday (10 am - 6 pm) at the following number: 020 3608 0595.

    I just placed an order. What happens now?

    We thank you warmly for purchasing from our online store.

    After placing your order, you'll be sent an order confirmation to your e-mail address. If you do not receive such a message, please check your spam mail folder, had our e-mail accidentally been read as such. Then, according to the chosen payment method, you'll simply need to make the correspondent payment. For further information please check the relative section below. We won't hesitate to dispatch your items upon receipt of payment, should they be immediately available. In all other cases, instead, delivery times are those stated in the product description. In any case, you'll be properly informed about your order's delivery details. Furthermore, you'll be sent a link to track your order so that you can check its status any time you want.

    How can I place an order in your online store?

    Before purchasing in our online store it is necessary to create a customer account. Should you like to do so, please click here. As soon as your account is activated, you'll just need to add to your shopping cart all the products you'd like to buy. Once you are in the 'shopping cart' section it is possible to indicate the desired quantity, as well as to remove one or more items in case you changed your mind. Finally, proceed to checkout to enter your shipping address, choose the payment method and confirm your purchase.

    How can I redeem a voucher?

    Choose all the items you'd like to purchase from our online store www.benuta.com. Click on "Shopping cart" and then on "Proceed to checkout". If you already have an account in our online store, please log in by entering your data. Shouldn't you have them on hand or should you have just some old ones, we kindly invite you to register again and create a new account. To do so, click on the option "Create a new account", enter your data and choose a password; finally, click on "Create an account". On the next step you'll have the chance to check your data again. Choose the desired payment method (it is possible to have different payment methods for each item); then, click on "continue". Enter your voucher code and click on "Redeem voucher", then on "continue". In the final summary you can find all your order details and the voucher will be directly substracted from the total amount. Finally, click on "Complete order" to confirm your purchase.

    Which restrictions apply to the use of coupons?

    Usually, our coupons are valid for a limited time only. Please check the expiration date of the coupon before placing an order. The expiration date can usually be found near the coupon code. Please note that particular conditions may apply for the use of coupons. For example: a coupon might be valid for items of a particular brand only or when a minimum order value is met.

    In this context, all coupons are no longer valid when items are returned and one of the conditions mentioned above does no longer apply. In such cases, the full or initial price has to be paid for retained items.

    Basically, only one coupon can be redeemed – it is not possible to combine coupons with other coupons. Subsequent credit is also not possible.

    I would like to order a larger amount of a certain product. Could you grant me a discount?

    We kindly invite you to send your query to the following e-mail address: info@benuta.com. We'll take care of making you a suitable offer as soon as possible.

  • Payment

    Which payment methods are available?

    You can pay with absolute ease and security with one of the following payment methods: bank transfer, credit card, PayPal or money order. We kindly remind you that we do not accept payments on account. For further information regarding our payment methods please click here.

    Can I be absolutely carefree when paying in advance?

    Definitely. Our company has achieved its current success exactly for its trustworthiness. Among other things, in fact, we grant our customers the maximal security also thanks to Trusted Shops' certificate. For further information regarding Trusted Shops' buyer protection and the high-standard requirements to earn this prestigious seal, please visit Trusted Shops' website.

    Is it possible to modify my invoice after its issue?

    Due to legal reasons it is not possible to modify the invoice after its issue, unless it contains mistakes. In this last case we kindly invite you to contact our customer service.

    What should I write in the bank transfer's reason for payment?

    In the reason for payment we kindly invite you to write the reference number, which you'll find in your order confirmation. As soon as your purchase has been completed, you'll be sent more accurate information.

    Will I receive a VAT invoice?

    Yes, an ordinary invoice will be attached to any item to be delivered.

    Do you also offer VAT-exempt deliveries abroad?

    We cannot offer VAT-exempt deliveries abroad. We rely on your understanding.

  • Deliveries

    Which customer duties may affect a delivery outside the EU?

    We kindly invite you to personally get more information regarding regulations and duties in force in your country. We apologize for not being able to provide you with further details and rely on your understanding.

    I bought more than one item. Is it possible to have them sent together?

    We'll automatically dispatch all your items together if available at the same time. We also remind you that, after the first purchased item, we offer you a significant discount on the shipping charges for any additional product. Should you receive individual deliveries -maybe due to the different delivery times of the ordered items-, you won't be charge any additional expense.

    Which are the standard delivery times? When am I receiving my items?

    Deliveries within Germany usually take 1-2 working days, while abroad deliveries generally 4-7 days. Please consider that these terms only apply for items, which are indicated as "immediately available" in our online store. In all other cases, delivery times will be those stated in the product description.

    Is it possible to have my items immediately dispatched if I provide you with the receipt for payment?

    It is unfortunately not possible to dispatch your order as long as the payment is not credited and registered in our system. We rely on your understanding. This process takes normally no more than 1-2 days. Yet, should you pay by credit card or PayPal, your order will be immediately dispatched.

    Are my items insured during the dispatch?

    Yes. Unlike many other companies of the field, all our goods are insured from the very first beginning, no matter the value of the items. Moreover, we offer you this service completely for free.

    Can I track my order?

    Of course. After completing your purchase, you'll be sent an order confirmation where you can find your parcel number and a tracking link. Therefore, you'll be able to check at any time and very easy the status of your order.

    Can I also collect my items directly from your outlet?

    Of course, should it be more convenient for you, you also have the chance to pick up your order directly from our outlet in Bonn (Germany) and to pay cash. In case of interest, we kindly invite you to previously contact our customer service.

    How are the shipping charges set?

    Our shipping charges are fixed and include postages, material costs (packing, filling and wrapping material) and the haulage service of our partner couriers. Every order is taken care of in our warehouse, where it is double checked and packed before being dispatched. We ensure you a totally secure and fast delivery!

    Which delivery options are available and where do I find the corresponding shipping charges?

    Here you can find details concerning the different delivery options provided by our partner haulage couriers and the corresponding charges, as well as the conditions relative to deliveries abroad. Please consider that only our partner companies will be in charge of it in order to ensure you a quick and problem-free delivery of your order. We rely on your understanding.

    The package is damaged upon delivery. Should I accept the parcel anyway?

    In order for the warranty to cover eventual damages, you have to ask the courier a written and detailed confirmation of any kind of anomaly noticeable on the package. Should the courier refuse to release such a declaration, we kindly suggest you not to accept the delivery and to contact our customer service at your earliest convenience in order to quickly solve the problem.

  • Return & exchange

    Do I have a right of withdrawal?

    Of course you do. In order to ensure the highest customer satisfaction degree, we offer you a right of withdrawal even exceeding legal requirements. Please follow this link to request your return. Your contractual declaration can be withdrawn within 30 days, without the need of stating any reason, by either writing us (e.g. letter, fax, e-mail) or directly returning the purchased goods. For further information concerning our return policy please read the paragraph "Legal consequences" under our Terms & Conditions.

    I would like to exercise my right of withdrawal. What should I do?

    Please follow this link to request your return. You'll simply have to return the goods at your own expense within 30 days. We kindly invite you to previously inform our customer service before doing so. As soon as we receive the merchandise, you can either get an immediate refund or another product of your choice.

    I am not satisfied with the item I ordered. Could you send me another one instead?

    Due to technical reasons, it is currently not possible to exchange two items. If you do not like the item you ordered and would like to replace it with another one, please order it at our online store. This allows you to receive your favoured item even faster. The other item has to be returned separately.

    A faulty item has been sent to me. What should I do?

    Unfortunately, such cases can happen despite the most rigorous quality controls, even though extremely seldom. In case of any defect in the delivered item, please contact our customer service and kindly describe it. Moreover, we cordially ask you to send us a photo of the good you received in order to ease such a procedure. Should the defect not be possible to be determined with the information provided, we'll have the item collected at the address you'll indicate to let the manufacturer examine it. Once the defect is determined, you'll be sent another product, obviously with maximal urgency and totally for free. We cordially remind you that the amount paid cannot be refunded, should the complaint be sent after the above-mentioned withdrawal deadline.

    The wrong item has been sent to me. What happens now?

    Unfortunately, we cannot exclude with total certainty that such a case might happen, even if extremely seldom. In the unfortunate event that you didn't receive the item you ordered, we kindly invite you to contact our customer service so that the problem can be immediately solved. Moreover, we cordially ask you to send us a photo of the good you received in order to ease such a procedure. As soon as the mistake is confirmed, the wrong item will be picked up and you'll receive the correct one, obviously for free.

  • Products

    What kind of warranty comes with your products?

    Please read our Terms & Conditions for further information.

    Do items' colours correspond to the ones displayed in your online store's images?

    We do our best to display high-quality images of our products in order to catch even the slightest details. Yet, the colors in the pictures may differ to some extent from the real ones due to the color settings of your computer. In any case, shouldn't the color shades meet your expectations you can still return the item without any problems thanks to our 30-day return policy.

    What different materials are your rugs made of?

    • Wool

    The term wool indicates the soft fleece (and not simply not the coat) of animal fur, especially ovine fur. Wool enjoys the so-called natural thermoregulatory property. Unlike synthetic fibers, wool is generally more odorless and owns also a natural self-cleaning function. Absorbed odors, in fact, are later released in the air. Consequently, after a short time in the open air, wool acquires again its totally neutral odor. Wool rugs initially tend to give off fluff (pilling), but this phenomenon diminishes over time, also thanks to regular hoovering.

    • Acrylic, polyacrylic, Japanese acrylic

    Acrylic is the abbreviated designation of polyacrylic, a synthetic fiber obtained through a synthetic polymer containing at least a 85% of polymerized acrylonitrile. This textile fiber looks very similar to the wool due to its constant gathers. In addition, wool also enjoys an outstanding resistance thanks to its optimal thermal insulation. Its incredibly soft quality grants this material its extraordinary elegance. Because of its low moisture absorption, acrylic is practically not subject to stains. As a matter of fact, acrylic fibers are preferred in the sector exactly for their similarity to the wool. Moreover, Japanese acrylic stands out for its premium-quality manufacture.

    • Polypropylene (PP)

    Polypropylene is a synthetic fiber obtained by polymerization and melt spinning process. It almost does not absorb moisture, stands out with its resistance and is therefore perfectly suitable for outdoor rugs. Polypropylene fibers also have a high level of elasticity and consequently barely ruck up. For this reason, polypropylene is used, also in combination with wool, in very versatile ways and large series of textile products.

    • Polyester, terylene

    Polyester is a completely synthetic fibrous material, which, thanks to its extraordinary resilience, surpasses any other synthetic fiber in elastic properties. Furthermore, should there be some low tension loading, the extension is absolutely minimal in comparison with polyamides. Polyester, then, is used in innumerable ways and textile products, especially combined with virgin wool and cotton. This filament and textile fiber is also the most exploited material, as far as curtain fabrics are concerned. Thanks to its swelling properties, polyester fiber is absolutely suitable as a filling material for quilts and paddings. Terylene® (Dacron ® in the US) is the trademark for a special polyester fiber, significantly tear proof and scrub resistant. As a consequence, Terylene enjoys outstanding swelling properties and thermal resistance.

    • Polyamide heat-set

    Polyamide fibers were first developed in the US and later on achieved success worldwide. Famous polyamides' representatives are known as nylon, Cordura, Kevlar and Perlon (nylon 6). According to samplings and manufactures, polyamide fibers can be extremely thin and smooth or crinkled, creating either an incredibly bright or purposely dull surface, respectively. In raw material classification, polyamide fibers are often indicated with the acronym PA. Moreover, they are extremely durable and resistant to abrasive stresses, light and thin. Polyamides have also a high elasticity, can dry very fast and are even easy to wash. In addition, polyamide fibers ensure complete shape retention. Heat-set is a finishing process, which significantly improves the quality thanks to the reduction of fibers' internal tensions. Beside such an enhanced appearance, fibers gain also a more consistent durability and elasticity. Staining is consequently very unlikely.

    • Viscose

    Viscose is a synthetic fiber obtained from natural polymers and mainly composed by cellulose. Viscose fibers stand out for their premium chromatic properties. They are also used together with cotton, wool, linen and synthetic fibers. Finally, as far as its look and feel are concerned, viscose usually reminds of silk.

    The product I'm interested in is no longer available. When will it be in stock again?

    Should the product you like be sold out, you can choose to be sent a notification as soon as the good is once again available. In case of any further question or interest in tailor-made items, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service. As always, we will be more than pleased to help you.