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Key colours of the season

Summer has finally gone and we are taking big steps towards the cold season. This means that the colour trends autumn winter 2019/20 will find their way into our wardrobes and apartments as well. The trend report by the Pantone Colour Institute will once again be groundbreaking this year. While in summer we were still enjoying the colour of 2019, Living Coral, the new colour palette was already there.

Living Coral was inspired by the colourful coral reefs from the depths of the sea. The new winter colours follow the ongoing trend to draw inspiration from nature. This is also reflected in Pantone's colour palettes for autumn winter 2019/20. Powerful autumn tones and natural, dark earth nuances are featured on this season's selection. Orange and red shades dominate both the New York and London colour palettes by Pantone, followed by dark blue, green and brown. Nude tones continue to be favourite. We will introduce you to the most important colour trends and show you how to best mix them in your interior.


"Galaxy Blue", "Evening Blue", or "Forest Blome" are based on the rich diversity of nature; they are reminiscent of the sea and deep forests. Dark colours make the interior dull and make a room look small? Light colours do the opposite? This widespread assumption should only be partially believed. Bright colours only increase a room's appearance with the right light, while dark colours - especially on the walls - add depth to a room.

How to style dark shades of blue & green

The dark shades inspired by nature look wonderful on textiles. In combination with solid wood furniture and gold accessories, rugs, blankets and cushions they look particularly elegant. A little insider tip: even before Pantone officially chooses the colour of the year 2020, dark blue is considered to be one of the hot favourites for the title. So with this colour you will probably not only be right on trend in autumn winter season 2019/20, but also next year.


The undisputed trend colours, which there will be no escape from this winter, are red & orange. Admittedly, this trend is easier to combine on the catwalk as well as in everyday fashion than in our four walls. we have already pre-selected the most wearable colours for your interior so you won't have trouble deciding which one of the many shades of red to choose. The winners are: "Merlot", "Summer Fig", and "Cheddar"!

How to style red & orange shades

Bordeaux and dark red are not for nothing among the colour trends for fall winter 2019/20. They provide comfort and look good on materials with an extraordinary feel such as viscose and velvet. For a simple Scandinavian look, we recommend combining beige, light woods and brass or copper accessories. Also very popular: Bordeaux or dark red walls! The same applies to orange shades as well: beige and white provide tranquillity, light wood and copper accessories let the colour shine.


Brown is back! Dark "Rocky Road", "Chicory Coffee" but also the medium brown nuances "Hazel" and "Sugar Almond" appeared on the catwalks of many designers. So it's only a matter of time for these colours to adorn our blankets, pillows and rugs. Brown has something soothing about it and therefore looks good in the living room and bedroom, but also in a relaxation room. But the classic is not only one of the colour trends fall winter 2019/20, it will also be a reliable companion in the coming seasons.

How to style brown tones

Brown is extremely grateful to combine. Rosé, neutral and cream tones perfectly match this classic. For the brave: accents in the trendy colours Bordeaux and Orange, for example on vases or textiles, bring an extravagant update.


"Vanilla Custard" and "Rutabaga" - sound like delicious ice cream varieties, but replace the soft neutrals from the summer trend colours. The great similarity remains: The natural cream tones for Autumn/Winter 2019/20 are at least as versatile as their summer pendants. Here, too, the continuing trend towards naturalness is still evident.

How to style the new neutrals

While neutrals work good as a basis for clothing combinations in winter, in interior design they are best done in an all-over look. Cushions, rugs, curtains - textiles of all kinds look good in neutral shades. Overloading is difficult with this discreet style. By the way, Natural Living is the name of the living trend that has been going on for years, in which natural colours and materials are combined with one another. That's why furniture made of light wood and pieces made of raffia or rattan fit particularly well.

The colour trends autumn winter 2019/20 have a lot to offer: For those who love neutral classics, this is the season. But even those who want to escape the winter tristesse with strong, cheerful colours can look forward to an exciting winter, whether in terms of fashion or interior design!

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