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Here’s what’s coming up for Christmas 2020!

The smell of shortbread biscuits, christmas pudding, pine greenery and grandma's roast turkey. Gifts are wrapped up for hours and torn open again within minutes. Children's eyes sparkle and the stress of the pre-Christmas season suddenly disappears: that' Christmas!

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS.. to turn home into a magical Christmas paradise.

This year we'll all spend Christmas at home. Trips to the most festive and peaceful places in the world are cancelled - no snowy mountain huts in Scandinavia or breathtaking Christmas decorations at Rockefeller Center in New York. However, the world's most beautiful Christmas trends for 2020 can easily be enjoyed at home - we’ll show you how!


You’re sitting in front of the fireplace with your loved ones. Snow falls, candles glow and white accessories make their light shine even brighter. Especially during Christmas we simply cannot go without our beloved Nordic flair! We will show you how to bring the relaxed Scandinavian Christmas feeling right into your home.

Christmas doesn't need a lot of frills, never-ending festive decorations and overloaded Christmas trees to be beautiful. A noble, unobtrusive interior is absolutely trendy. Inspiration can be found from our neighbours up north. This relaxed Christmas look is achieved in no time at all with a combination of white and green tones. White accessories, such as candles, Christmas tree decorations or stationery, are joined by saturated shades of green. This year, nuances with a greyish touch such as "sage" or a more mint-coloured "eucalyptus" are particularly trendy. A sophisticated all-round look can be achieved especially with cushions, blankets and rugs in these colours.

The Nordic flair is based on its natural cosiness, which is why natural fibre rugs made of wool and jute as well as cuddly furs are an absolute must-have. Plants, apart from the classic pine green, such as eucalyptus, bring a natural flair to your home as well. Needless to say, a Christmas tree cannot be missed in this trend. However, make sure not to overload it, but rather to place some highlights in white or even tone on tone.

We deeply recommend trying the Scandinavian Christmas drink "Glögg", which matches the Scandinavian feeling. The spice mixture of cardamom, aniseed and orange is guaranteed to get you in the Christmas spirit. Skål!



Ice skating in Central Park, the traditional Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, snow as far as the eye can see - New York is second to none at Christmas. No wonder that hardly any place is visited as often at Christmas as the city of unlimited possibilities.

Kevin has already been “Lost in New York” and we want to lose ourselves in the fairytale Christmas charm of the big city jungle as well.

Even without a loft and steel beams, you can achieve this typical NY look at home. Not to mention it's Christmas potential! The colour scheme is determined by copper, black and dark green tones. In 2020, you should also adopt this colour scheme for Christmas decorations, Christmas tree arrangements and gift packaging.

This decoration is best to be combined with a vintage rug in similar shades. Vintage rugs are available in various colour combinations. It will be particularly harmonious if you pick up the colours of the decorative elements when choosing your rug. These eye-catchers in used-looks will give your home that special something for Christmas. Poufs are also part of the range and not only make your home even more functional, but also invite your guests to linger in comfort. The perfect match: lots of fairy lights that project even more cosiness with their soft shimmer. All kinds of pine greenery are a must for this Christmas trend as well. A particularly beautiful contrast to the look is provided by smoked glass, for example in the form of lamps or Christmas decorations as well as dried flowers.

Traditionally in America, gifts are not opened until the morning of Christmas Day as well. How about a Christmas brunch with the family on the 25th for some more relaxed hours and an extended Christmas feeling?



In the weeks leading up to Christmas, you can't get enough of glamour and glitter? Then this Christmas trend 2020 could become your favourite! London can definitely hold its own in the race to become the most festive Christmas city, and this year it's going to win us over with a sparkling Christmas trend! Let yourself be enchanted by opulent rosé and gold shades, whether in a pine tree, as a floor flatterer or accessories. "Less is more" is a bygone era.

Whether it's Christmas decorations, table settings or Christmas tree arrangements: this year's Christmas key pieces come in gold and rosé shades and will add an atmospheric glow to any home! A certain portion of extravagance is a must, whether for Christmas ornaments, accessories or sparkling fairy lights. For the rest of the colour scheme, however, stick to simpler, brighter shades. This will really show off your It-pieces to their best advantage. If you want to decorate your Christmas tree in rose gold, but dislike the colour of the pine green, artificial snow can be an alternative. This will give your tree a noble, christmassy finish.

Pay attention to high-quality fabrics when it comes to this Christmas trend. Rugs made of viscose are particularly suitable. They not only have a silky soft pile, but also a noble shine and give every room that special something. Matching those elegant rugs you can place viscose-cushions and poufs for an overall glamorous look.

Be enchanted by the British way of celebrating Christmas. You don't need a London city villa with opulent Christmas decorations to do so, but rather just a few quick touches. How about a mistletoe as well? According to the motto: Meet me under the mistletoe!



However, you don't have to glance into the distance to find charm and cosiness! Traditional Christmas decorations, such as those we still know from our childhood days, not only have a high nostalgia factor, their beauty is renewed every year too.

Christmas as we know it: Candy bars, hot chocolate, everyone is wearing the red-green, self-knitted jumpers from grandma, it smells like pine green. A classic scene that we have never been tired of since childhood. This year, the evergreen look is back again - and remains timeless as always.

Make use of Christmas decorations in different shades of red, which you can skilfully place in the Christmas tree, as home accessories and in the Advent wreath. The combination of pine green, hollies and classic red Christmas elements never goes out of fashion. This is complemented by cuddly high-pile rugs that keep your feet nice and warm and provide a cosy atmosphere. Furs and cushions provide an all-round feeling of well-being as well.

Kids' eyes do not only sparkle at the sight of the presents or home-made sweets, they also glow when the first snow falls. If snow is a bit late this year, how about a shaggy rug with a cute polar bear motive for your little ones? To give them at least a taste of that "white Christmas feeling". A perfect match: poufs! They are the perfect Christmas all-rounder for reading Christmas stories to your little ones at their bedside after receiving presents or for not having to sit on the floor while unpacking gifts.

So get your festive jumpers off the back of the wardrobe and snuggle up - Christmas is here!


Whichever Christmas trend you choose, we wish you a cosy and contemplative Christmas season and a happy new year 2021!

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