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9 reasons for outdoor rugs

Whether we are decorating the terrace, embellishing the garden or furnishing the balcony - in spring and summer we are all drawn to the outdoors. One trend you definitely shouldn't miss out on this and every upcoming summer is outdoor rugs! The hip outdoor textile creates a fresh atmosphere and a real holiday feeling.

1. Durable & easy care materials

Probably the biggest advantage of an outdoor rug is its extremely robust material. This weatherproof outdoor accessory is made of 100% synthetic fibres and will accompany you for many years thanks to its durability and lightfastness.

What's most practical: it's insensitive to water meaning you don't have to bring it indoors every time it rains. What's more, thanks to its flat-woven structure, the outdoor textile is extremely easy to care for and dirt-repellent. If it does get soiled, you can simply clean the surface with a hoover or even wash it off with a water hose.

2. Cosy atmosphere on patio & balcony

Textile garden decoration is the ideal way to conjure up a cosy summer ambience outside. Although outdoor rugs are made of synthetic fibres, their surface is beautifully soft and provides a pleasant feeling beneath your feet. Combine the homely outdoor textile with other atmospheric garden accessories, for example poufs or cushions. It creates an inviting atmosphere inspiring many cosy summer evenings on your patio or balcony.

3. Garden decoration in great variety

The colourful and varied range of designs and colours allows you to select the outdoor model that suits your personal taste. For instance, with a boho rug, you can conjure up the colourful patterns of distant countries on your balcony and at the same time emphasise the relaxed, summery flair. On the other hand, a black and white rug is exactly the right thing for purists who love simple elegance. Thanks to our large selection of outdoor textiles, you can customise your patio and banish the uncomfortable lawn rug from your balcony for good!

4. Summer accessory in countless sizes

Whether it's a cosy little balcony or a spacious patio - outdoor rugs come in all sizes. A large rug often makes areas look smaller, while small rugs get lost in a large space. The position of the rug also plays an important role. Our rug size guide makes it easier for you to find the right accessory for your outdoor area. Let the summer begin!

Outdoor rugs

5. Versatile outdoor textile

Despairing of unsightly or old flooring on your balcony or patio? An outdoor rug is your answer. Conceal small blemishes by covering them up with a tasteful outdoor rug. Weathered floor coverings are remedied in a flash and at low cost for the time being.

Another advantage: the material of the rug has a temperature-regulating effect. Gone are the days of burning feet on red-hot metal plates!

6. The rug for In- & Outdoors

You might have noticed that outdoor rugs are truly multi-talented.

However, we have not told you the best part yet: All outdoor rugs are also suitable for indoor use! Especially in rooms like the kitchen, dining room or hallway, a robust floor is in demand. A robust outdoor rug protects your floor and spices up your home with stylish designs.

7. Outdoor rugs for leisure pursuits

Blue skies, gently rustling trees and delicate blossoms. The warm temperatures invite you to spend a lot of time outdoors. Fancy a picnic by the lake? Grab a picnic hamper filled with goodies and your outdoor rug, as it makes a great picnic blanket as well.

Compared to a normal blanket, a large outdoor rug offers more space for the whole family, a stable surface and small spills are quickly washed off. If not needed outdoor rugs are also easy to store thanks to their flat weave, as they do not take up much space.

8. Deluxe camping with outdoor rugs

The camping season is just around the corner! Tired of sitting in a dreary tent?

Our tip: an outdoor rug. With this accessory you spice up your temporary sleeping space and have additional protection from uneven surfaces. An outdoor rug is also useful in front of your tent, as it keeps the dirt at bay and provides a cosy seating area.

9. A clean home for pet owners

Use a small outdoor rug to protect the floor around the litter tray or food bowl. It's easy to clean, inexpensive and the variety of designs makes it appealing to look at. This allows you to integrate your little pet's area perfectly into your living space. Moreover you can remove cat litter & co. in a flash with the hoover.

Find out which rugs are suitable for pet owners on our blog.

Outdoor rugs

For indoors or outdoors. Plain or colourful. Whether as decoration or as a practical companion. Outdoor rugs are true all-round talents and will inspire you with their versatility. Especially on the balcony and the patio, outdoor rugs are an essential home accessory this season.

Have fun creating your own summer oasis!

Your benuta Style Team