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Huge Variety

Whether thick or flat - discover
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Modern rugs
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Modern Rugs

Modern rugs are one of the most popular rugs altogether. This is not surprising, considering the great variety of styles and designs they are available in and the unlimited ways they can be used in. A modern rug embellishes any room and adds a personal touch to every interior. Shaggy rugs are its long-piled variants and are particularly suitable for the cosy corners of an apartment. In the bedroom, they keep your feet warm in the morning and the evening and instantly create a homely atmosphere when used as living room rugs. In regard to decorating with textile home furnishing, not only the look, but also the functionality of these plays a decisive role. Hardly any bathroom seems fully furnished without bath mats as these ideally have a great look, are non-slip and washable. At benuta you have a great choice in terms of colours and various designs. Our numerous filtering options, allow you to browse through this large assortment with ease. In addition to modern rugs, we also offer a wealth of models for children: Nice kids rugs create a beautiful playing area and invite kids to play and hang around – depending on age, modern rugs are also suited for children’s or teenage bedrooms.

The lines between classic elegant and modern designs are often blurred in regard to colour and pattern. As our category Oriental rugs is also filled with a variety of timeless classic designs, its components can certainly also be considered as modern rugs. Within this varied range we offer the full assortment ranging from reasonable variants to hand-knotted masterpieces.

Designer rugs in a wide selection

At benuta you will find elegant modern rugs as well as trendy designer rugs in many shapes, colours, materials and from many different brands. When looking at such a great selection, it is quite difficult to decide upon a particular modern rug. In order to make an entirely satisfiable choice, it is not sufficient to only consider recent designs or currently favoured trends. First and foremost, you have to take your home into account or more precisely the space that is to be decorated with a new designer rug. Several factors need to be considered in this regard. On the one hand, the size of the available area is highly relevant: how large is the area that can and should be covered with the modern rug? Then, you should think about how this area is usually used and which specific requirements this imposes for the rug. A rug which is placed in a hallway or entryway needs to be harder-wearing and more resistant to dirt than, for example, lounge rugs or bedroom rugs. In this case, robust sisal rugs made from hard wearing natural fibres can be chosen. Other rooms, on the other hand, have yet other requirements: although modern rugs for kitchens should indeed be robust and variants made from sisal are worthy to be considered for that particular use, people often prefer designer rugs embellished with a themed design and hence complementing the room. In this regard, modern kitchen rugs are quite suitable as they are decorated accordingly and at the same time prove to be very robust and easy-care. A further aspect that needs to be considered when selecting modern rugs is the visual effect they can have on a room. In this respect, far more than the style and the colour of the interior design is decisive. When your room is rather small and dark, it is recommended to select a bright model as bright colours intensify the reflection of light. Darker modern rugs, on the other hand, can add additional warmth and cosiness to spacious rooms. In addition, the shape also plays a decisive role: are you looking for round rugs or for ones with a rectangular, square or longish shape?

Although, all of these aspects are relevant and justified, the most important feature of a perfect rug is that it makes your house feel more like home. This effect can only be brought about with a model that you find personally appealing. Therefore, our range of products offers a great selection of modern rugs in order to deliver this special rug and thereby adding the finishing touches to your home. However, this is not necessarily restricted to the indoor area: for some time, furnishing textiles for outdoor areas have been quite popular. So why should anything speak against decorating your garden or outdoor area with stylish outdoor rugs? These are not only nice to look at, but certainly waterproof, robust and very easy to clean.

Discover modern designer rugs in their whole variety at benuta.